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On a High Note!

Aside from running ongoing courses for teachers in Rudolf Steiner Education and early childhood educators, we continue to offer schools in-service training days. If schools are in NSW, they can even access our Steiner inspired NESA courses and proficient teachers can be accredited for doing our courses. It’s a win-win for all.

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Early Childhood Training

Restart your Next Learning Step in Kindergarten!

Join other early childhood educators interested in Rudolf Steiner’s approach.

Our one-year part time course, the Foundations of Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education, is run by distance with 2 face-to face Seminars run from our College in the Sydney CBD and at Glenaeon’s Castlecrag campus on the 14-18th of April and Sept 30th-Oct 4th, 2019.

Enrolments will close on the 5th of April 2019.

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Early Childhood Courses - Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Enrolments are now open for our renowned course, ‘The Art Of Caring’.

Led by Rudolf Steiner early childhood education expert, Dr Renate Long-Briepohl, this two weekend course will nurture the nurturer.

Child care professionals, grandparents, parents, early childhood teachers will all find renewed insight and inspiration by attending this highly acclaimed course.

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Amanda’s Story

Amanda lives in the charming village of Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. With the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College since 2018, she has already completed the Foundation Course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education by Distance (the ECO5) and is now enrolled in the Certificate Course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education. Amanda’s dream is to open a Steiner inspired family day care in Olinda in 2020. Here she talks with the College about her journey so far.

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The DE03 – An Education To Set You Free

Have you studied with the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College before? And, would you like to deepen your knowledge of Steiner education?

Consider the DE03!

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The Great Escape!

The Early Childhood Certificate course EC02 is Sydney Rudolf Steiner College’s ultimate course in Early Childhood studies.

Fascinating, creative, personally and professionally expanding, it’s also delivered over 8 weekends in 2019.

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Early Childhood Education, Sydney

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Enjoy immersive craft sessions and lectures led by Steiner early childhood specialists. Return home or to your playgroup or childcare inspired and renewed.

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It’s always lovely to hear someone’s dream has come true

Julie Torrisi studied the Foundation Course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education (ECO1) in 2018. She’s now enrolled in ECO2, the Certificate Course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education and has a new job at Glenaeon, in the kindergarten. Here she talks about why she enrolled and where the course has taken her.

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Teacher Training That’ll Get You Moving

Our Distance course in Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education (DEO2) is soon to open. Get moving and give us a call today to find out more (02) 9261 4001.

Here’s what a 2018 DEO2 student had to say about doing one of our Speech and Drama courses which is part of the DEO2.

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Making Space and Time for Renewal

In many ancient cultures, (Hebrew, Persian, Greek and Chinese to name a few) spring cleaning or pre-New Year cleaning are rituals established to cleanse the whole house of undesirable influences and to prepare the house and family for an auspicious future.

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DE02 has enriched my life in so many ways.

Thanks to Monica Younan, current student in our DEO2 Foundation in Rudolf Steiner Education – Distance Teacher Training for her heartfelt words.

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Foundations of Early Childhood (Distance) EC05

Enrolments now open for 2019. Join an inspired, like minded community with lots of support.

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Enrolments Open for the Foundation Course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education

The ECO1 is an in-depth study of Rudolf Steiner’s picture of child development. Participants will gain a comprehensive experience of the impulses behind Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner Education. It is an inspiring course for parents and also a solid foundation if you are embarking on the path to become a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood teacher or are involved with playgroups/home- based child care.

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Foundations in Rudolf Steiner

NSW Teachers – What’s in it for YOU if you do the DEO2?

The DEO2 is Sydney Rudolf Steiner College’s flagship teacher training foundation program. It’s done by distance, takes a year to complete and is a fascinating and rewarding introduction to Steiner teaching. As of 2019, we will be collaborating with NESA to ensure that 3 of our 6 DEO2 modules will be NESA compliant. For teachers…

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Early Childhood Certificate, Sydney

ENROLMENTS OPEN from October 1 for our Annual courses in High School, Primary and Early Childhood teacher education

High School teacher training, DE02
Primary teacher training, DE02
Early Childhood teacher training EC01 and EC05 (Distance)

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