Join a Local Teacher Training Hub

To all our school colleagues around the country, we invite you to join us in a collaborative initiative, providing more opportunities for accessibility to teacher training, and strengthening this educational stream within our broader communities.

To meet the need for part-time training around Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College provides distance teacher training courses with online course material and assignments enriched by two weeklong seminars. Our courses have always focused on finding a balance between the practical needs of teachers and a deeper experience of Anthroposophy that is essential to Steiner education.

In response to the changing landscape of Teacher Education, and to provide easier access to our courses, the College is facilitating teachers and schools around the country to establish and participate in collaborative TEACHER TRAINING HUBS with local and regional Steiner schools to deliver aspects of the course. The aim of this initiative is for schools and teachers to share resources to enrich the learning experience and deliver an opportunity for schools to deepen the knowledge of their teaching faculty.

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Join a Local Teacher Training Hub

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