New High School Foundation Course

SRSC has been working to create a much-needed, high-quality, and relevant foundation course for training High School teachers in Steiner education.

The new High School Teaching Foundation Course has been developed for both mainstream high school teachers and Steiner teachers without formal RS High School training, focusing on the high school years from classes 7 to 12.

Led by highly regarded and experienced local and international tutors, this one year, part-time course aims to provide High School teachers with a foundational knowledge of Steiner education, an understanding of child developmental phases from an Anthroposophical point of view, and how these inform the high school curriculum, covering the essential topics required for teaching in the Steiner High School. It explores theoretical, practical, and creative modules, providing a comprehensive experience of Rudolf Steiner Education, with the adolescent at the centre of the curriculum.

Inquiries are open for 2023 enrolments.

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