Steiner Education High School Teaching – Foundation Course

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This is the foundation course for mainstream high school teachers and Steiner teachers without formal RS High School training. The course focuses on the high school years from class 7 to 12.

Led by highly regarded and experienced local and international tutors, this part-time course covers the essential topics required for teaching in the Steiner High School and provides the foundations of Anthroposophical principles. It explores theoretical, practical, and creative modules, providing a comprehensive experience of Rudolf Steiner Education, with the adolescent at the centre of the curriculum.


Total Course Fee $3,640

5% Early Bird Discount for full fee payment is available till the end of December.




Course Overview

A previous teaching qualification is not required for enrolment in the course, but a relevant Australian tertiary qualification is required for teaching at any level in education in Australia.

The termly content will be presented and explored through online webinars and interactive discussion time with the tutors. 

Term one provides students with a good foundation in anthroposophical principles and background to Rudolf Steiner education, including Steiner’s picture of the Threefold and Fourfold human being and child development from an anthroposophical perspective.  

Term two explores the Twelve Senses and the four Temperaments as indicated by Steiner, including the temperaments in adolescence. 

The Autumn seminar provides participants with creative and experiential opportunities through performance in art and movement. Keynote lectures will include: working with the main lesson as a distinct example of Steiner’s methodology, the curriculum and its application in high school, as well as the art of communication – building relationships within the school body, with parents and all stakeholders in the care and education of children.

Term three explores the inner development of the teacher, which underpins all teaching and interactions in the classroom and the school community and supports self-development. This module includes a deepening understanding of the adolescent and an introduction to some of the Main Lessons.

The Spring seminar will focus on the VISUAL ARTS through sculpture and painting. Workshops and lectures will include: new ways of perceiving; working with the story of Parzival as an archetypal life journey; and projective geometry as an extension of the maths main lesson.

Term 4: Observation and its application in the deepening understanding of the older child from ‘new ways of perceiving’ developed out of the seminar. Essential topics relating to the healthy development of the high school student: the role of the teacher as class guardian; the challenges of technology and social media; health, well-being and physical education; the understanding of leadership in the school and working collaboratively, while considering Steiner’s threefold social order.

Two course assignments will be given overall, to deepen the participant’s engagement and understanding of the work which is an essential component of the course.

Course tutors for term 1 and 2: Ben Cherry, Sven Saar, Lisa Devine, Renate Millonig, Adam Chan, Louise Swanson.

Course tutors for term 3 and 4: Sven Saar, Diane Tatum, Elena Rowan, Sophia Montefiore, Nigel Hoffman, Adrienne Alexander and James Goodlet



To provide High School teachers with foundational knowledge of Steiner education, an understanding of child developmental phases from an Anthroposophical point of view and how these inform the high school curriculum.

To inspire Teachers to value the undertaking of their own inner development as essential for their teaching practice and relationship with students.

Classes covered: Classes 7-12

What our Students Say

“Outstanding. In every respect. Exceeded my expectations. The standard of lecturing was extremely high.” – HSF Student 2022

“Wonderful – An excellent selection of tutors and the background of Steiner Pedagogy.” – HSF Student 2022

“The course content was wonderfully enriching and the delivery was on point.” – HSF Student 2022

“The course is very well paced and brings a wonderful balance of theoretical Anthroposophy, and practical deepening artistic experiences.” – HSF Student 2022

“This course has opened my perspective and transformed so much in me in one year. I’m so grateful.” HSF Student 2022





Career Path and Employment

There is an ever-increasing demand for qualified Steiner/Waldorf teachers as Steiner Education continues to expand in Australia and throughout the world. In particular, there are excellent employment prospects for Steiner-trained teachers who have completed our High School Teaching Foundation course.

At present, there are over 40 Steiner Schools (including State schools with Steiner Streams) in Australia requiring on average 2 or more new Steiner Teachers each year.

There are currently over 1,100 Steiner schools worldwide in 64 different countries and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries

All our courses are endorsed be Steiner Education Australia (SEA).



Why study at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College?

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been preparing Teachers for careers in Steiner education for over 30 years.

Our courses are well established and guided by a staff of highly experienced and respected tutors. We offer flexibility in our delivery, the opportunity to engage with the content and receive a thorough grounding in the foundations of Rudolf Steiner education.

In addition, our programs support the transition from mainstream into Steiner education. Our courses are recognised both in Australia (SEA and SECA) and internationally (IASWECE).


Course Duration:

One year (part-time).

Additional modules may be added for the continuation of the course into an optional second year based on demand and tutor availability.


Course delivery: Online and In-Person

One online evening lecture (webinar) delivered weekly during the term, with a total of 28 webinars over the course of the year (7 webinars per term).

In addition, two 4 and a half day seminars are held in Sydney (or a local Teacher Training Hub if available) in Autumn and Spring, with the possibility of two additional Seminars.


Fee Payment Options


Total Course Fee $3,640

5% Early Bird Discount for full fee payment is available till the end of December.


  • HSF – Payment in Full | $3,640 – Includes all 28 webinars, 2 seminars, module study and tasks towards Statement of Completion.


  • HSF – Payment by Term | $510* – Includes 7 webinars, module study and tasks towards Statement of Completion.


  • Autumn Seminar (due 2 Apr) | $800 – Includes in-person Autumn seminar and tasks towards Statement of Completion.
  • Spring Seminar (due 2 Sept) | $800 – Includes in-person Spring seminar & tasks towards Statement of Completion.


*Term payments are due on the following dates: Feb 2, May 2, August 2, Oct 2

 Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.




Course Coordinator:
Robyn Davis

Tel: 02 9261 4001
Mobile: +61 467 953 881


Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex Street Sydney 2000

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 2068



2023 Course Dates

Term 1

Webinars:  Feb 15 – Mar 29 (Wednesdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET).

Autumn Seminar: Thursday April 13 – Monday April 17

Term 2

Webinars: May 10 – June 21 (Wednesdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET).

Term 3

Webinars: July 27 – Sept 7 (Thursdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET).

Spring Seminar: Sunday Sept 24 – Thursday Sept 28

Sunday 1 October – Daylight Saving begins

Term 4

Webinars: Oct 26 – Dec 7 (Thursdays) 7pm – 8.30pm (AET).

Friday 22 December – College closes for the year.


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