SRSC Board Members



Mark Baxter


Mark is a founding director of the college from its beginnings in the early 1980s having just returned from 2 1/2  years study of Anthroposophy at Emerson College UK. For many years he also taught sculpture and lectured on architecture and the visual arts.

At the same time, his architectural practice has been responsible for the planning and architecture of many Steiner schools around Australia.



Jolyon Bromley

Jolyon Bromley was a main-stream teacher in high schools specialising in Drama and Senior English before completing the full-time Parsifal College teacher training course. He then taught for 15 years at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School before becoming a tutor in the advanced diploma course and Distance studies at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and has been a director since 2006.



Sandra Frain

Sandra has been a tutor with SRSC since 2018 and a Board Member since 2021. Anthroposophy, Steiner Education, and Biodynamic Agriculture inform her many endeavours.

Sandra teaches Biodynamic Gardening to Early Childhood and Primary School Students at Glaenaeon Steiner School and Bush Regeneration to High School Students.

Her business, “Wise Ways Work: Educational Programs for all ages”, Sandra teaches educators nationally and internationally.

Sandra has a Masters in Steiner Education from Columbia University, and a Certificate in Biodynamic Agriculture from Pfeiffer Centre ((2000) NY; Diploma in Waldorf  Primary Education (1999); Foundation in Anthroposophy (1998)-Sunbridge College, NY; Bachelor of Child Study Degree- Mount Saint Vincent University Halifax, (1980)).



Lisa Devine


Lisa Devine originally trained as a youth worker and worked with homeless young people. After completing her Masters in Psychology, she specialized in work with conflict situations and trauma. She also followed her lifelong love of dance and trained to become a Eurythmist. For the last fifteen years she has worked as a priest in the Christian Community in Australia. Lisa has created a life skills program for children and adolescents which she delivers to Steiner schools around the country. The work of Rudolf Steiner is a source of grounded inspiration for her work as a priest, eurythmy therapist, and counsellor.



Michelle Cabena