Please note that our refund and cancellation policy on enrolment fees is based on the following timeframes:

  1. Term Start date: (please check your course dates)
  2. Census date: 7 days after the Term Start date


Withdrawal prior to term start date: Full refund

  • Withdrawal before census date: 80% of fees (consider deferral)
  • Withdrawal after census date and before midterm: 50% of fees (consider deferral)
  • Withdrawal after mid-term: 0% of fees (consider deferral)

If you withdraw after the term starts you may wish to consider a deferral to the following year or the second semester.





  • Census date is when the SRSC finalises student enrolment.
  • Seminar fee: $800. Each seminar must be paid in full before commencing and a refund will only be granted if a student
    withdraws a minimum of 2 days before the start date.
  • Any student wishing to withdraw from the course must complete a withdrawal form and submit this with an application
    for a refund. This will be assessed by the coordinators and finance manager, and in certain cases the Board of Directors.
  • If a student withdraws without notification, no refund is payable
  • Short courses: These are payable in advance and a full refund will only be given if the student/participant provides a
    minimum of 24 hours’ notice. If notice is only given when the course has begun they will receive a 50% fee refund.


Deferring Studies

An enrolled student can defer the course for 24 months without incurring any additional expense (as long as all fees up
until date of deferral are paid). Students that wish to recommence studying after 24 months will need to pay to re-enrol
and pay to attend any seminars that were missed.
If the student has deferred and only paid part of the annual fee, the Course Coordinator will negotiate with the student as
to how much the student will be required to pay to complete their study programme.


Deferring and advanced payment

If a student has paid for their study programme in full and then decides to defer, a formal letter must be sent to the Course
Coordinator requesting permission to defer. The student can then request a pro-rata refund. Recommencing studies within
the 24 month window will require students to pay for re-enrolment and any outstanding course fees.


Final issue of qualification

The final issue of the qualification is possible only when all fees are paid for the course.