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To all our school colleagues around the country, we invite you to join us in a collaborative initiative, providing more opportunities for accessibility to teacher training, and strengthening this educational stream within our broader communities.

To meet the need for part-time training around Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College provides distance teacher training courses with online course material and assignments enriched by two weeklong seminars. Our courses have always focused on finding a balance between the practical needs of teachers and a deeper experience of Anthroposophy that is essential to Steiner education.

In response to the changing landscape of Teacher Education, and to provide easier access to our courses, the College is facilitating teachers and schools around the country to establish and participate in collaborative TEACHER TRAINING HUBS with local and regional Steiner schools to deliver aspects of the course. The aim of this initiative is for schools and teachers to share resources to enrich the learning experience and deliver an opportunity for schools to deepen the knowledge of their teaching faculty.


How Teacher Training Hubs Work

  • During the four School/College terms the teachers will meet six times per term at their school or a chosen HUB serving several schools, to participate in our weekly online webinars. This would be supported by an experienced teacher at the school to lead a discussion time afterward.
  • Subject to numbers, the two live seminars (In April and September) will be held at the chosen HUB and all the arts and practical subjects will be provided by experienced teachers from the participating schools. Lectures would be live-streamed from the seminar in Sydney.
  • The seminars could be held at different schools in your region, so teachers get to experience different schools.
  • Teachers will enrol in the course through the College and administration run by the college using our online Learning Portal, so school administration is minimal.
  • Naturally, teachers can still do the course individually in the convenience of their own home and attend seminars run by the college in Sydney or their local HUB.



  • Students view a webinar in a group and have discussions with a school elder, which helps to overcome the limitations of online learning
  • Schools will be able to enrich their cultural life and professional development and within the discussion time, add their own insights. It would also be easier to meet the needs of the teachers.
  • Our courses deliver a well-considered foundation in Steiner education delivered over 2 years (seeĀ and our Certificate of Completion has been highly regarded by Steiner schools and the SEA for many years. Our Early childhood courses are acknowledged internationally by IASWECE.
  • There will need to be a minimum number of teachers to make the Seminars financially viable, and group bookings through a school would attract a reduction in fees per teacher.
  • Provides an opportunity for more collaboration and the pooling of resources between schools
  • The artistic and practical components held during the seminars could be advertised to other local primary schools for teachers to participate in.
  • This will be an exciting and innovative way to train teachers.



For groups of 5 or more students, a 5% discount will be applied where the annual fee is paid upfront. Students in need of financial consideration should contact the College coordinator to discuss fee support or payment plan options at

5 HUB students or more (with 5% discount)
Annual fee (ECF, ECC, PTF, PTC): $2,945 per student (includes seminars @$650 per seminar)
Annual fee (HSF): $3,230 per student (includes seminars @$650 per seminar)

Individual HUB students (less than 5 in group)
Annual fee (ECF, ECC, PTF, PTC): $3,100 (includes seminars @$650 per seminar)
Annual fee (HSF): $3,400 (includes seminars @$650 per seminar)

Termly fee (ECF, ECC, PTF, PTC): $450
Termly fee (HSF): $525
Seminar fee: $650

HUB Seminar presenters: Teachers at the schools who undertake the practical components of the seminars will be paid an hourly rate of $80 by the College (and 1 hour is given for module preparation for practical activities).


For further details on course content and timetables, please contact us to request a Hub Booklet or contact a College coordinator.


Please download one of the two options below to complete an application form, or contact to discuss your enrolment options.


Hub Enrolment Form for Schools (479 downloads )

Join a Hub – Application Form for Individuals (464 downloads )