How Is Anthroposophy Relevant To Steiner Education?

Steiner education has foundations in Steiner’s vision of anthroposophy, in particular his understanding of child development. Steiner viewed human maturation as a metamorphosis of awakening. The process of growing up evolves from the ‘sleep of infancy’, to the ‘dream of childhood’, the ‘lighting-up of adolescence’ to the ‘responsible thinking of the adult’. The curriculum and pedagogy of a Steiner education is designed to nurture potential within each phase of a child’s development – in an age-appropriate manner.

Anthroposophy posits the human being as three-fold; imbued with the qualities and capabilities of emotions, thoughts and actions. The role of the educator is to develop the three-fold dimensions, the ‘thinking, feeling and willing’ forces within each child through a holistic and integrated educational approach.

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