Steiner Waldorf teacher education and training at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

A Fulfilling Educational Journey


Discover the many joys of teaching through an enriching and creative approach to education.

As a leader in contemporary Steiner teacher training in Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been preparing teachers for a fulfilling career in Steiner education since 1980, with well-established and comprehensive courses that are guided by our highly experienced and internationally regarded lecturers from Australia and around the world.

Our teaching programs have been developed to ensure that students are able to complete the course while maintaining a full-time teaching position, delivered online via weekly webinars, with two in-person Seminars, supporting all educators, aspiring teachers, and experienced teachers transitioning from mainstream into Steiner education.

The Steiner Education Foundation and Certificate courses explore theoretical, practical, and artistic modules that offer a comprehensive experience of Steiner/Waldorf Education. Our courses are unique in that they engage participants with three learning modalities; course assignments will deepen the engagement and are supported by extensive online readers; our weekly webinars provide interactive learning with fellow students and tutors, and our two intensive seminars provide experiential learning and community engagement with other students.

Satisfactory completion of the first-year foundation course enables the student to continue into the second-year Certificate course to complete their professional Steiner/Waldorf training, recognised in Australia by both SEA (Steiner Education Australia) and SECA (Steiner Early Childhood Australia), as well as internationally by IASWECE (International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education).

Our Foundation courses are open to anyone interested in gaining deeper knowledge of Steiner education and anthroposophy, and are also a valuable resource for parents, homeschool providers, and school support staff. A webinar-only program is available for non-teaching participants.

We welcome you to join us on this fulfilling educational journey.


Enrolments typically open end of July with courses commencing in February.


For more information about each of our annual training courses, please follow the links below:

Early Childhood

Primary Teaching

High School Teaching


What our Students Say:


“The course has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I would look forward to an online course so much. The in-person seminar was even better. The program is well run and organised. The teachers delivered beautifully, their depth of knowledge and passion coming through completely.” – ECF student, 2023


“This is an extremely worthwhile investment. I have taught in mainstream kindergarten for 3 years and transitioned to Steiner education. I have learned and gained a deeper insight as my purpose as an educator and who the child is.” – ECF student, 2022


“Outstanding. In every respect. Exceeded my expectations. The standard of lecturing was extremely high.” – HTF student, 2023

“I found the course content and delivery to be incredibly well structured, relevant and simply beautiful! My expectations were far exceeded and I am even more glad to have started this journey.” – PTF student, 2023


“The course content was extensive and very beautifully articulated by all the lecturers. There was much passion in creating the curriculum, as it really covered everything a new Waldorf teacher would require. Delivery was executed in a way a Waldorf child would be taught. This allowed me to see how it should be brought about to a child.” – PTF 2023


“I am in awe of the knowledge and wisdom given to us. I am very grateful for having had this opportunity.” – ECF student, 2024


“The course is very well paced and brings a wonderful balance of theoretical anthroposophy, and practical deepening artistic experiences.” – HTF student, 2022

Career Path and Employment

There are excellent employment prospects for Steiner-trained teachers who have completed our Primary Teaching Foundation and Certificate Courses.

There is an ever-increasing demand for qualified Steiner/ Waldorf teachers as Steiner Education continues to expand in Australia and throughout the world.

At present, there are over 40 Steiner Schools (including State schools with Steiner Streams) in Australia requiring on average 2 or more new Steiner Teachers each year.

There are currently over 1,100 Steiner schools worldwide in 64 different countries and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries.

All our courses are endorsed by Steiner Education Australia (SEA).



To learn more about each of our annual training courses, please follow the links below:

Early Childhood

Primary Teaching

High School Teaching


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