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New to teaching in a Steiner school? A parent with a child at a Steiner school? Or planning a career change?

The Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education is a course for teachers new to Steiner education or those that are hoping for a career-change.

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Incorporating Art in the Classroom – An Everyday Expectation but are you Running out of Ideas?

In theory, teachers across Australia know that art education should be an integral part of childrens’ learning. Certainly, in Rudolf Steiner schools there is a strong expectation that childrens’ art making, and creativity will be central to their meaning-making. If you’ve ever worked in a Steiner school or visited a Steiner school, you’ll know the…

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Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Course – and the History of Human Consciousness

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Course – and the History of Human Consciousness An in-depth conversation with Dr Fiona Campbell College Lecturer Q & A with Dr. Fiona Campbell, researcher, artist, educator and college lecturer, and the College Education Coordinator, Emilia Salgado Q: Fiona, you’ve been involved with the College for quite a while. What’s your…

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Early Childhood EC01

Step Away from the Everyday

Enrolments are open now for the Sydney based Early Childhood Foundation Course. Learn about anthroposophy, child development, caring for young children and music, art and craft. The one year, part time course takes place in Sydney, at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College’s city premise and Glenaeon School’s Castlecrag campus over 8 weekends.

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