Biodynamic Regenerative Agriculture


A Biodynamic Regenerative Agriculture Course for Educators, Parents and families of all ages to learn, experience and participate in the rich Biodynamic practices developed by Rudolf Steiner.

Each workshop presents different topics, practical applications and knowledge on Biodynamic Agriculture, and is a meaningful celebration of the Alchemy of Minerals, Plants, Animals and Humans in Nature offering real solutions to the prevailing question of all ages: “What Can I/We do?” in this promising era.

The workshops are designed to assist teachers and parents in learning about Biodynamic methods and, importantly, how to meaningfully bring these domestic arts to children of all ages. 

Participants will learn Biodynamic principles that can be applied to any environment, from pots on a balcony to a production farm.


$200 AUD per adult per weekend (incl. GST). Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the Sunday sessions.

Course Overview

Welcome home to the Biodynamic Garden


Presented by highly experienced educator and Biodynamics practitioner, Sandra Frain, this practical course is a four-part exploration into the holistic and regenerative agriculture practices of Biodynamic Agriculture.

The course offers in-depth insight and practical demonstrations on the many aspects of Biodynamic Agriculture, with an intensive formal training for adults only on each of the Saturdays, followed by a festive family gardening workshop on each of the Sundays.

Participants are encouraged to join us for all four weekends to gain the benefit of the full course, but may also register for individual weekend sessions.

(Please note that each weekend session is inclusive of the Saturday AND Sunday workshop of the chosen weekend and cannot be attended separately.)


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Course Content

In addition to practical preparations and techniques the course will cover theoretical content including:

  • Exploring the History of Biodynamic Agriculture; Regenerative Agriculture, Organic and Permaculture.
  • Archetypal qualities of physics and chemistry through observation and connection to materials in elements of earth, water, air and fire.
  • Our Relationship to the animal kingdom including ‘pest control’, care of animals, use of animal manures; Our Relationship to the mineral kingdom including rock dust use for fertilising and ‘power towers’; Our Relationship to moving water including ponds; Our Relationship to fire including using ashes for fertilising and pest control.

 Resources will be available for learning and recording.


Aims of the Course

The aim of these workshops is to support educators, parents and garden practitioners with learning ‘how to’ actively garden AND ‘how to’ share the knowledge of daily and seasonal Biodynamic garden activities with children, adolescents and adults.


If you would like to host Sandra Frain’s course at your school we welcome and encourage all collaboration, please get in touch with us today. School communities hosting the workshop receive an enrolment discount for all attendees. 

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  • Saturdays: 10am to 3pm (including nutritious shared meal) FORMAL LEARNING FOR ADULTS ONLY
  • Sundays: 10am to 1.00pm FESTIVE FAMILY GARDENING FOR ALL AGES (with developmentally appropriate activities)
  • Cost: $200 per adult for the weekend. (Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the Sunday sessions)



Summer Weekend

Dates: 2 and 3 December

Venue: Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Specialist School, Dural

A study of Summer exploring heat-appropriate biodynamic preparations

This weekend will feature a farm tour with Warrah’s Biodynamic farmers; we’ll be learning about cover cropping, water drops, and biodynamic preparations for the Summer season, with a festive family day on Sunday.

  • Sat 2 December: 10am – 3pm (adults and adolescents)
  • Sun 3 December: 10am – 1pm (Families of all ages)

$200 per person (incl. GST) Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the Sunday session


A Festive Day for All

Dates: 6 January

Venue: Aurora Steiner School, Southern Highlands (TBC)

On this special weekend, we’ll explore working with the biodynamic practice of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. Also the possibility to learn bee care and/or harvest cow manure: summer fun in the highlands for the family.

Free event for the whole family


Transitioning a Farm to Biodynamic Methods

Dates: postponed to Autumn 2024

Venue: Umbiella and Glen Alice Station, located in the heart of the Capertee Valley

A rare opportunity to learn first-hand the processes involved in transitioning a conventional working cattle farm from traditional to biodynamic methods. 

  • Wed 4 October: 10am – 3pm (adults and adolescents)
  • Thurs 5 October: 10am – 12pm (Families of all ages)

*Camping, cabins and Airbnb available nearby for overnight stay. Contact us for more info.

$200 per person (incl. GST) Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the Thursday session


Autumn Weekend 

Dates: 16 and 17 March 2024

Venue: Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Specialist School, Dural

This Autumn weekend will explore harvesting Produce including foraging native plants, weeds. Lacto-Bacili fermentation principles for care of garden, animal and humans as fertiliser and edible foods. Methods of preparing and preserving pertinent vegetables ie: beans, herbs, pumpkins. Sourdough Bread Baking, Butter, Cream Cheese Making.

Afternoon Tea will be included (we ask everyone to bring a plate to share), with sourdough damper sticks and music.

  • Sat 16 March: 10am – 3pm (adults and adolescents)
  • Sun 17 March: 10am – 1pm (Families of all ages)

$200 per person (incl. GST) Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the Sunday session

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Course Fee:

$200 AUD per adult per weekend (incl. GST). Accompanying additional adult and children are free to attend the family sessions.



Sandra Frain Biodynamic regenerative agriculture course at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

About the Tutor

Sandra Frain obtained her Masters in Steiner Education and Certification of Biodynamic Agriculture in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Her Bachelor of Child Study Degree and Drama therapy Certification also inform the Pedagogical work she is known for internationally. Sandra is a passionate connector of people of all ages with nature and the domestic arts locally and internationally. Sandra’s workshops are popular for their wisdom, skill development and fun.


What our Students Say


“This weekend was the perfect introduction to biodynamics. For anyone interested in building healthy soil, I highly recommend signing up for the next one. Thank you Sandra, you are the best!” – M


“Thank you Sandra for a wonderful weekend and for being such an inspiration!!!” – P


“The kids and I joined my husband for the festive family day, and had such a blast! What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday together, and to meet new people too! Our family cannot recommend this enough, we will definitely be doing more weekends with Sandra!”  – J


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Course Coordinator: Robyn Davis

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Transitioning a Farm, Weekend 1 – Winter, Spring Weekend, Summer Weekend, Summer Festival Day, Autumn Weekend


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