Steiner Education Early Childhood Teaching - Foundation ECF

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This course is for aspiring Early Childhood Teachers, Parents and Carers of Young Children

Led by highly regarded and experienced local and international tutors, this part-time annual course covers the essential topics required for early childhood and provides the foundations of Anthroposophical principles that underpin the Steiner curriculum.

We offer a program that supports the transition from mainstream into Steiner education. Central to our program are the two Seminars which draw all students together in artistic, practical and engaging classes that are held live in the school holidays. These are vital to truly experience what we mean by Steiner early childhood education. The seminars are supplemented and enhanced by our lecture program delivered in webinars over the course of the year.

With completion of all the work in this Foundation Course (ECFT) and the Certificate Course (ECC) the student has a recognised qualification both in Australia by SEA and SECA and internationally by IASWECE.

Another option for the student is the Lecture-only program in the Foundation course which is delivered in the Webinars (ECFW). The student will receive a Statement of Attendance with the topics listed.


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ECFT – Total Course Fee $3,400, Or

ECFW – Total Course Fee $1,080

5% Early Bird Discount for full fee payment is available till the end of December.


Course Overview

In this first year course we explore the foundations of Steiner Education, Child Development, Anthroposophy, Life Phases and experience artistic activities and Craft. This is a very balanced curriculum of philosophy and creative activities which provide an enriching foundation for developing a comprehensive understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings. Artistic activities include Eurythmy, Singing, Painting and Clay modelling. Craft also includes doll-making.

Completion of all course material and assignments of this first-year foundational course in Early Childhood Teaching is a prerequisite to continue onto the second year Early Childhood Teaching Certificate course which includes a practicum in a Steiner school or Pre-School and deepens the knowledge from the foundation year to qualify the student as a Rudolf Steiner Teacher.


Why study at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College?

Our courses are well established and guided by a staff of highly experienced and respected tutors. We offer flexibility in our delivery, the opportunity to engage with the content and receive a thorough grounding in the foundations of Rudolf Steiner education. The student also has the opportunity to meet others who will support their journey and work in a class environment of like-minded people. In addition, our programs support the transition from mainstream into Steiner education. Our rigorous courses are recognised both in Australia (SEA and SECA) and internationally (IASWECE).


What our Students Say

“This is an extremely worthwhile investment. I have taught in mainstream kindergarten for 3 years and transitioned to Steiner education. I have learned and gained a deeper insight as my purpose as an educator and who the child is.”


“An experience I will treasure for my lifetime. To truly connect with my peers, my teachers and the content. I feel my journey is truly underway now.”


“The lecturers were all excellent- they were such an inspirational mix of wisdom, experience and joy.” 



To complete the Foundation Course (ECFT) and receive a Statement of Completion, students will need to have successfully completed all webinars, module study, tasks and seminars. Alternatively, students can elect to complete the Webinar option (ECFW) to receive a Statement of Attendance, however this will not result in achieving credit for completing the course. Seminars can also be attended as stand-alone elements as these provide the opportunity to engage in artistic work, craft, singing and workshop discussions in person.


Fee Payment Options

Total Course Fee $3,400

*5% Early Bird Discount available till end of December


ECFT – Module Study, Webinars and Tasks towards Statement of Completion:

  • ECFT Payment in Full | $3400 – Includes the 2 seminars, all 24 webinars, module study & tasks towards the Statement of Completion, which is the pre-requisite for the Certificate course.


  • ECFT Payment by Term* | $450  – Includes 6 webinars, module study & tasks towards the Statement of Completion, which is the pre-requisite for the Certificate course


  • Autumn Seminar (due 2 Apr) | $800 – Includes all the live tutorials, music, art and craft over the 5 days with catering and associated tasks towards Statement of Completion.
  • Spring Seminar (due 2 Sept) | $800 – Includes all the live tutorials, student presentations music, art and craft over the 5 days with catering and associated tasks towards Statement of Completion.


Participants who do not require a Statement of Completion for Teaching or do not wish to attain the Certificate qualification can enrol in the webinars only, with no tasks or module study. 

ECFW = Webinars only, towards Statement of Attendance:

  • ECFW Payment in Full | $1,080 – Includes all 24 webinars only



*Term payments are due on the following dates: Feb 2, May 2, August 2, Oct 2

  Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.




Course Code: ECF

Course Coordinator:
Linda St Clair
Mobile: +61 422  429 329


Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag 2068

Course delivery: Online and In-Person

One online evening webinar delivered weekly each term over 6 weeks, with a total of 24 webinars over the course of the year.

Hours per week: 2 – 3 extra for Readings and Tasks

Webinars:  Wednesdays 7pm – 8.30pm (AET).

Seminars: 1 per Semester in school holidays.

The 2 seminars are held over 5 days in Sydney (or a local Teacher Training Hub if available) in Autumn and Spring.



2023 Course Timetable

Term 1

Webinars:  Feb 15 – Mar 22 (Wednesdays)

Autumn Seminar: Thursday April 13 – Monday April 17

Term 2

Webinars: May 10 – June 14 (Wednesdays)

Term 3

Webinars: July 26 – Aug 30 (Wednesdays)

Spring Seminar: Sunday Sept 24 – Thursday Sept 28

Sunday 1 October – Daylight Saving begins

Term 4

Webinars: Oct 25 – Nov 29 (Wednesdays)

Friday 22 December – College concludes for the year.


Additional information

ECF Fee Options

ECFT – Payment in Full, ECFT – Payment by Term, ECFW – Payment by Term, Autumn Seminar (due 2 Apr), Spring Seminar (due 2 Sept), ECFW – Payment in Full

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