A New Chapter in Education

One does not need to look very far to see the growing dissolution with current mainstream models of education. Increasing pressures are being placed on both students and teachers to provide more and more data-driven results that are leading to occupational burnout with no notable improvements in desired outcomes.A deep crisis in the Australian education sector is afoot. It is no wonder then that a growing number of parents are also opting for alternative education models that offer their children a richer, more rounded education, and that for this and other reasons Steiner education is the fastest-growing independent school movement in the world and represents the largest number of non-denominational, independent schools in Australia.For teachers looking for a more creative, more nurturing, and more meaningful approach to education, an ever-growing number have found Steiner Education to reignite the joy of teaching and renew their commitment to education as not just an occupation but a vocation.

Ben Cherry delivers his keynote talk at the Spring Seminar in September last year.


The demand for Steiner teachers is ever-increasing in Australia as small community schools grow and new ones are started. But unlike many other education models there is no formal template or workbook for the Steiner curriculum. There is no real quick guide that can be applied uniformly and neatly across the board. This in fact is the point. That the delivery should come from and of the teacher. Indeed what it means to be a Steiner teacher is to know that each lesson, each class, each pupil is unique and thus the subject needs to be adaptable, authentic and relevant to hold any meaning or lesson at all. Much of Steiner teacher education is on the Inner Development of the teacher, and this underpins the foundation for Steiner Education training at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, and we hope to welcome many, many more teachers and aspiring teachers and parents to join us on this fulfilling educational journey. It is the teachers, after all, who hold the very future of the world within their reach.


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