Become a Steiner Teacher

SYDNEY RUDOLF STEINER COLLEGE offers annual part-time Foundation and Certificate courses in Early Childhood, Primary Teaching and High School Teaching.

Our courses are well established and guided by a staff of highly regarded and experienced local and international tutors. We offer flexibility in our delivery, the opportunity to engage with the content and receive a thorough grounding in the foundations of Rudolf Steiner education. The student also has the opportunity to meet others who will support their journey and work in a class environment of like-minded people.

In addition, our programs support the transition from mainstream into Steiner education. Our rigorous courses are recognised both in Australia (SEA and SECA) and internationally (IASWECE).

We are able to offer a mix of Online learning with ‘in-person’ Seminars through the college and in collaboration with local school Teacher Training Hubs across Australia, to enhance the learning experience and foster meaningful connections with both the content and tutors.


What our Students Say:

“This is an extremely worthwhile investment. I have taught in mainstream kindergarten for 3 years and transitioned to Steiner education. I have learned and gained a deeper insight as my purpose as an educator and who the child is.” ECF Student, 2022


“An experience I will treasure for my lifetime. To truly connect with my peers, my teachers and the content. I feel my journey is truly underway now.” ECF Student, 2022


“It was great to connect with other teachers. Very useful and practical content. The tutors are such incredibly interesting sources of wisdom and insight.” PTF Student, 2022


“My overall experience was amazing. It was deeply fulfilling, nourishing and energising – my heart is so full.” PTF Student, 2022


“I am deeply grateful for all the efforts, energy and love that was behind the organisation of the course.” PTF Student, 2022


“Outstanding. In every respect. Exceeded my expectations. The standard of lecturing was extremely high.” – HSF Student 2022


“Wonderful – An excellent selection of tutors and the background of Steiner Pedagogy.” – HSF Student 2022


“The course content was wonderfully enriching and the delivery was on point.” – HSF Student 2022


Career Path and Employment

There are excellent employment prospects for Steiner-trained teachers who have completed our Primary Teaching Foundation and Certificate Courses.

There is an ever-increasing demand for qualified Steiner/ Waldorf teachers as Steiner Education continues to expand in Australia and throughout the world.

At present, there are over 40 Steiner Schools (including State schools with Steiner Streams) in Australia requiring on average 2 or more new Steiner Teachers each year.

There are currently over 1,100 Steiner schools worldwide in 64 different countries and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries.

All our courses are endorsed by Steiner Education Australia (SEA).


The Early Childhood and Primary Teaching part-time courses take 2 years to complete.

STEP 1: Foundation courses (1st year)

STEP 2: Certificate courses (2nd year)


The High School Foundation Course is currently a one-year part-time course.


Enrolments are open for 2023.


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