The Art and Science of Biodynamic Composting and Fertilising

A results-oriented workshop on a working farm committed to regenerative agriculture practices.

Join us at Terrie and Stuart’s farm, Umbiella, located at Glen Alice in the Capertee Valley in this 100th year since Dr. Rudolf Steiner showed farmers how to bring local indigenous wisdom and a paradigm shift in thinking, to consciously combine minerals, plants and animals for farm and atmosphere fertilisation.

A results-oriented workshop on a working farm committed to regenerative agriculture practices. Biodynamic principles based on Scientific evidence for optimum soil health resulting in increased microbial life, stronger plants and animals that are pest and challenging weather resistant (drought and floods.)

Working WITH the environment (rather than against it). ‘Changing our minds’ as custodians of the land rather than controllers of our environments. Examples of biodynamic and  regenerative practices related to soil, water, plant, and animal care that are transforming previously degraded land into biodiverse flourishing pastures and relaxed animal herds.

On Saturday 27 April 2024, from 9:45 am to 3:00 pm Terrie and Stuart are hosting a workshop for local Capertee Valley farming families and other inquisitive people to learn through practical application how Biodynamic Agriculture can enhance regeneration on a farm.


Sandra Frain Biodynamic regenerative agriculture course at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Sandra Frain is formally educated in Biodynamic Agriculture practices and is a long-time practitioner and teacher of Biodynamic Agriculture on farms, in schools and in backyard gardens. She is a ’teacher for all ages’ and welcomes you to a ‘family style’ regenerative agriculture-focused day of learning and practicing the art and science.



Workshop Program:


10:00am – Introduction to Biodynamics

10:00am – Large Heaped Composting Activity with Biodynamic Compost Preparations (Economical method of increasing soils’ accessibility to phosphorous, potassium salts, silica, calcium, nitrogen, boron, basalt etc.).

11:00am – Morning tea and Q&A

11:30am – Process to make Biodynamic Liquid fertilisers for stimulating nitrogen and minerals. Functions of activating water, Application of fertilisers on vegetable patch and nearby fields.

1:00pm – Shared lunch and Q&A

2:00pm – Further Farm tour and examination of field soils, biodiversity of grasses from sequential planting, witnessing cattle in situ practicing holistic grazing methods.

2:50pm – Closure.


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Cost is $130 per family

Bring a plate to share for lunch or purchase from ‘’From the Paddock” 

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