Second Year Part-Time Course for Steiner Education Early Childhood Teaching (ECC)

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This course is for aspiring Kindergarten and Early Childhood teachers

Led by highly regarded and experienced local and international tutors, this second-year Certificate course strengthens and deepens our Foundation study (ECF) of Steiner Early Childhood education. It explores essential areas of theoretical and artistic practice and supports a deepening of the inner development of the teacher.


Total Course Fee $3,250 AUD


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Course Overview

For 2024 we have reviewed our delivery of the syllabus to meet the needs of students today and the challenging times. The syllabus, designed by Dr Renate Long-Breipohl and delivered since 1980 remains largely unchanged as it is both comprehensive and in-depth. Students are prepared for teaching through working extensively with the vital elements of the early childhood classroom.

The syllabus combines deep study of Rudolf Steiner’s indications, with an emphasis on methodology and classroom activities. Steiner’s picture of the child, their essential needs and how transitions are evident in child development is given weight in detailed study of the child, the unfolding of the senses and how this translates to work in the classroom. Emphasis is given to developing the skills necessary to bring festivals, morning circle, fairy stories and the integration of music into early childhood programs. Puppetry is the main artistic study with theory, making puppets and working collaboratively with other students on performance. Ideally, working with the Lyre and the Musical element of early childhood is also studied.


The Program

Part-time course over one year, beginning in February.

3 Terms of Webinar Lectures delivered by Zoom, 7 Lectures per term. These will be held on Thursday evenings from 7 – 8.30 pm AET.

Live attendance is required unless specific exemption or Doctor’s Certificate is supplied.

The lectures are recorded and the recordings will be available to re-watch, however students are expected to attend the lectures live.

ONE Seminar in the year in September school holidays. Tuesday October 1st to Saturday 5th.

ln person attendance is compulsory. Venue: SYDNEY.

The Guided Experience can be completed up to 18 months after commencing the course. 10 days with Steiner work experience/employment, 15 days with no experience. We recommend either Term 3 or 4 for this part of the program. The Guided Experience may not be done in the place of your employment.

Assignments for this course are spread over the year enrolled.

Prerequisite for the Certificate course: Successful completion of the Foundation year course (or equivalent)


Please note: Enrolment into the second-year Certificate course is by application only. Please contact the course coordinator to express your interest in joining this course.



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What our students say

“This is an extremely worthwhile investment. I have taught in mainstream kindergarten for 3 years and transitioned to Steiner education. I have learned and gained a deeper insight as my purpose as an educator and who the child is. The seminar helped with consolidating the content and provided useful pedagogical practices that I can take with me and implement within the classrooms.”

“I truly appreciated the thoroughness of the content and materials offered. I will be sifting through and digesting over the next few years.”

“I love and appreciate, have the deepest respect for the depth and wealth of knowledge and wisdom and passion that the lecturers have brought.”


Course Participants

This course is for those who wish to become a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Teacher in a Kindergarten or Steiner early childhood setting and follows on from the Foundation course in Early Childhood (ECF). The Foundation course is a Pre-Requisite for study of the Certificate course (ECC). Approved study elsewhere with documentation may be sufficient to enter this course.

With completion of all the work in the Foundation Course (ECFT) and the Certificate Course (ECC) the student has a recognised qualification both in Australia by SEA and SECA and internationally by IASWECE.


Career Path and Employment

Our Steiner Early Childhood courses are acknowledged by IASWECE (International Association of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education) and endorsed by Steiner Education Australia (SEA).

Employment prospects both here and internationally are excellent for our students.

  • Successful completion of the Foundation course will qualify teachers to work as Assistants in early childhood settings.
  • Successful completion of both the Foundation and Certificate courses qualify the SRSC student to be Lead Teacher in early childhood settings.

At present there are over 40 Steiner Schools (including State schools with Steiner Streams) in Australia requiring on average 2 or more new Steiner Teachers each year.  There are currently over 1,100 Steiner schools worldwide in 64 different countries, and nearly 2,000 Early Years settings in more than 70 countries and the demand for trained Steiner educators is ever-increasing.


Course Fees

Total Course Fee $3,250 AUD

5% Early Bird Discount for full fee payment is available till the end of December.


  • ECC – Payment in Full | $3,250 – Includes all 21 webinars, ONE seminar, the Guided Experience, module study and tasks towards the Certificate qualification.


  • ECC– Payment by Term | $816.70 – Includes 7 webinars across 3 terms, the Guided Experience, module study and tasks towards the Certificate qualification.


  • Spring Seminar (due 2 Sept) | $800 – Includes in-person Spring seminar & tasks towards the Certificate qualification.


*Term payments are due on the following dates: Feb 2, May 2, August 2, Oct 2

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.




Course Code: ECC

Course Coordinator: Robyn Davis

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag 2068

Assignments and required reading are compulsory throughout the course.
Please note an Australian tertiary qualification is required for teaching at any level in education in Australia.







Additional information

ECC Fee Options

ECC – Payment in Full, ECC – Payment by Term, Autumn Seminar (due 2 Apr), Spring Seminar (due 2 Sept)

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