Exploring Anthroposophy

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An immersive online introduction to anthroposophy and the foundations of Steiner Education

Join us in an immersive online course that provides participants with an introduction to anthroposophy as the foundation of Steiner/Waldorf education and offers new perspectives in understanding the human being.

This course is for anyone with an interest in learning more about anthroposophy as the foundation of Steiner education and is particularly valuable for all Steiner School Support Staff, Parents, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants new to Steiner/Waldorf education.

Presented by Sven Saar, Ben Cherry, Lisa Devine, and Melanie and James Deefholts

Course begins Wed 14 Feb

Delivered online across 14 webinars, Wednesday evenings from 7pm – 8.30pm (AET)

No previous experience is necessary, international students are welcome. Please see the course outline below for more information, or contact a course coordinator.


Course fee options:

EAM – Full Course Fee $900 (incl. GST) Or

EAW – Webinars only $540 (incl. GST)


Course Overview

“If we do not believe within ourselves this deeply rooted feeling that there is something higher than ourselves, we shall never find the strength to evolve into something higher.” – Rudolf Steiner


Anthroposophy is fundamentally a study of the human being, our nature, development and task.

The lens that Rudolf Steiner gives us is the view that we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. To better understand our journey through life he details our life’s phases and the development of our soul capacities, thinking, feeling and willing. In this sense, Anthroposophy is the tangible path of inner development and a spiritual-scientific lifelong study.

For teachers and parents, the course is particularly valuable when we consider the unfolding development of the children in our care, and offers insights into how we reach the growing child at the various stages of their development.

This course is for anyone with an interest in learning about anthroposophy and the foundations of Steiner/Waldorf education and is particularly valuable for all Steiner School support staff, Parents, High School Teachers, and Teaching Assistants.


Module Overview

Term 1: Studying Anthroposophy – how to approach it (with recommended reading provided). A documentary on the Rudolf Seiner’s life and work and the first Waldorf school; The Threefold Human Being as Body, Soul and Spirit; the Fourfold Human Being as Physical, Etheric, Astral and Ego; the 12 senses and how we experience the world.

Term 2: The Four Temperaments of Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine – understanding our own temperaments, those of the children and others. The Soul faculties of thinking, Feeling and Willing with discussions. A presentation on Anthroposophy in our time.


Join us and immerse yourself in this wonderful introduction to Anthroposophy, a way to deepen your experience of the foundations of life.


For all enquiries, please contact the Course Coordinator, Robyn Davis at ptcoordinator@sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com


Course Details

Course code: EA 2024

Presenters: Sven Saar, Ben Cherry, Lisa Devine, and James Deefholts


Term 1:  Feb 14 – Mar 27 (Wednesdays)

Term 2:  May 15 – June 26 (Wednesdays)

Venue/Time: Zoom webinars on Wednesday evenings 7:00pm– 8:30pm (AET)

Coordinator: Doris Antivilo, ptcoordinator@sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com


Options and Outcomes

  • EAM: Module Study, Webinars with Tasks, receive a Statement of Module Completion
  • EAW: Webinars only, receive a Statement of Attendance


Fee Payment Options

EAM: Module Study, Webinars and Tasks

  • Full module – $900 incl. GST or
  • Each term – $450  incl. GST


EAW: Webinars only

  • Two Terms – $540 incl. GST or
  • Each term – $270 incl. GST


Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.



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