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Creative Speech & Drama

As NSW’s Covid19 restrictions ease, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College is excited to be out in the Steiner school community running a NESA course. Thanks to Aetaomah School head Ron Caisley who contacted us to ask if Renate Millonig was available to run her 8 hour NESA accredited training course, ‘Creative Speech in the Main Lessons’ at his school in Kyogle on July 14, 2020.

Renate was thrilled to do what she loves – teach – and will soon be arriving at Aetaomah school to present her lively and very inspiring day of training. With her resource booklet recently reworked, teachers will be learning about speech gymnastics, Greek gymnastics and the 6 Gestures of Speech, among other fascinating course content. Applying creative speech techniques to the delivery of speech will introduce teachers to texts of great beauty and power by authors such as Emily Bronte, Jorge de Lima, Shakespeare, Tennyson and Pablo Neruda.

A day of creative speech promises to deliver just that and more! And after doing the course teachers will be able to take back into the classroom a wonderful trove of literary resources!

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