Teacher Training That’ll Get You Moving

Our Distance course in Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education (DEO2) is soon to open. Get moving and give us a call today to find out more (02) 9261 4001.

Here’s what a 2018 DEO2 student had to say about doing one of our Speech and Drama courses which is part of the DEO2.

‘I just wanted to say personally how much I really enjoyed your section of the course in Mittagong for the Distance Education Teacher Training course last October.

I just got SO much out of it, and I use and notice things that you taught/reminded/made me aware of every day and have put them into so much use.

How a person arrives, enters, and greets others speaks volumes and it comes from long before they open their mouth! I can really sense that so much more now.

I see so many of those universal gestures also in my 4 year old as he moves through the events and emotions of the day. It’s amazing to see.

I love the sounds and the life you brought to the letters and vowels, words and phrases. I have not been an actor and shied away from it at school, so it was a real awakening for me into the power of presentation and expression from the heart. My children have also really been enjoying it and me, and taking more notice when I put more awareness into how I speak (not the content but the arrival of the energy that comes with it!). Children listen with ALL of their senses, and sometimes hearing is not their strongest, so the whole gift of presentation is beautiful.

I just wanted to say thank you. It’s been so profound and I see and use it every day.
I see it in the good Steiner teachers and in others and now I have so much more understanding of how to bring into my own life and work.

Thank you.’


Thanks MB and to all last year’s cohort that made the DEO2 the fantastic course it is!

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