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Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Parenting Workshop – ‘Growing Children, Thriving Children’

‘Growing Children, Thriving Children’ is a parent education workshop run by acclaimed parenting author and educator, Lou Harvey Zarah.

This special workshop will take place at Glenaeon School, Castlecrag campus on Tuesday 1st of October from 2.30–6.00pm.

The focus of this workshop is the childhood years which are often overlooked, the in-between years from age 7-12.

Get new insights, perspective and enthusiasm about parenting your 7-12 year old child so they grow up with confidence and self-awareness.

Rudolf Steiner wrote,

‘It is of great importance to know what happens at certain points of a child’s life and how we should act with regards to it, so that through your actions you may radiate light onto the child’s whole life’.

We know that gaining a better appreciation of the child’s journey, at this stage in their life, will help you guide them now and throughout the adolescent years that follow.

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This course is sponsored by Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.

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