NKFD1019 How To Align Key Mainstream Education Frameworks and Trends with Rudolf Steiner’s Principles

Fee: $49.50*

Course Code: NKFD1019
Presenter: Roger Richards
Course Date: Thursday 3 October 2019
Glenaeon Hall, 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag
Time: 9.00-10.00 am
$49.50 (includes resources)
Enquiries: Please contact NESA Co-ordinator Emilia Salgado on 02 9261 4001.

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Course Outline

This course will allow participants to align key frameworks and trends of mainstream education with indicators and principles as given by Rudolf Steiner. A contextual basis will be provided for each so that teachers can balance their planning and approach to teaching and learning in an informed manner. It builds capacity for educators to then implement and complement learning activities in a potent manner that is developmentally appropriate for children. Participants are also introduced to deeper insights into the needs and unfoldment of human beings which address aspects of student well-being.

About Our Tutor

Roger began his professional career as a management accountant. Steiner education was revealed to him when assessing schooling options for his children. This led him to become the volunteer treasurer for 7 years for the Dandenong Ranges Steiner School when it was being founded. He has also provided assistance to other emerging schools.

With a strong interest in spirituality, Roger explored Steiner’s writings and eventually answered the call to enter class teaching. He completed the fulltime teacher-training course at Warranwood in 2003 then obtained his teaching qualifications. During that time he established a playgroup in Cranbourne and also filled in for a term as a Steiner prep assistant.

Roger led the first Class 1 at Thornbury Primary School in Melbourne and implemented the Steiner program on their journey through to Class 6. He then took through a challenging Class 3 at another Melbourne school and strived to meet the broad range of needs of the class. He moved to Sydney to undertake a short-term contract at Glenaeon before settling into taking Class 1 in 2018 and is now well on that journey. Roger also runs an online spiritual development group which is underpinned by Anthroposophical principles.

In his role as tutor at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, Roger will give teachers a dynamic and practical approach to classroom teaching. He will empower teachers to understand how to develop comprehensive and creative main lessons. He understands the perspectives and demands of various educational stakeholders and how to unlock the deeper potential of the children who come into our care.

For proficient teachers:

Completing NKFD1019 How To Align Key Mainstream Education Frameworks and Trends with Rudolf Steiner’s Principles will contribute 1 hour of NSW of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 2.1.2 and 3.3.2 towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Teachers please note:

We will validate your attendance however, for your hours to appear on your record, you need to login in to NESA with your 6-digit number and do an evaluation for the hours to be counted.


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