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Enrolments for 2020 now open

Seminar Fee: $330 plus GST

Catering Fee: $150


Course Overview

Not all of us were lucky enough to have first hand experience of Steiner education. However, if your children are now on this journey you might have a curiosity to understand where they’re at and where they’re heading. That’s why we invite you to follow this beautiful journey and to enjoy some of it as well.

Sydney’s Rudolf Steiner College has been providing adult education since 1980. Our 2020 course, the Foundation in Rudolf Steiner Education (DE02) will provide parents with a living, philosophical understanding of Anthroposophy, Steiner education and an immersive experience of the creative arts, including art, drama and music. No experience required.

All attendees will receive reading material sent online and a statement of attendance.

Course Code: FJ
Course Coordinator:
  Emilia Salgado

Course Timeline & Dates

Two face-to-face, 5-day Intensive Seminars will be run at Glenaeon from April 15-19 and September 28-October 2 2020. Vacation child care available through Glenaeon OOSH. Fellow students will be other parents, teachers and carers. Parents can elect to do all or some of the 6 modules. The fee includes tuition, and digital learning resources. Catering and childcare are extra. A timetable for the Seminar week will be emailed in January 2020,

Wednesday 15th April–Sunday 19th April 2020

Venue: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag,  9am-6pm daily
Seminars: Introduction to Anthroposophy, Foundation Art in the Steiner Curriculum, Music in Lower Primary and Music in Upper Primary

Monday 28th September–Friday 2nd October 2020

Venue: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag,  9am-6pm daily
Seminars: Introduction to Steiner Education, Life Phases- Study of Biography, Creative Speech in the Mainlessons

Course Fees

April Seminars 
Introduction to Anthroposophy $330 plus GST
Foundation Art in the Steiner Curriculum $330 plus GST
Music in Lower Primary and Music in Upper Primary $330 plus GST
Catering $150
September–October Seminars
Introduction to Steiner Education $330 plus GST
Life Phases- Study of Biography $330 plus GST
Creative Speech in the Mainlessons $330 plus GST
Catering $150


Course Subjects

Philosophical Modules

Introduction to Anthroposophy: The relationship between Anthroposophy and Steiner Education; The 3-fold human being; The 4 lower senses; The Temperaments; The 4-fold human being.

Life Phases: Phases of development of child and adult, soul types and life crises as a pathway towards growth.

Introduction to Steiner Education: The Introduction to Steiner Education module is a very practical course and participants will study, explore and apply the Steiner curriculum, with an emphasis on the 7 – 14-year student age group.

Course Subjects

Art Making Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education

Group Music Classes Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Visual and Performing Arts Modules

Painting and Drawing: Goethe and Steiner’s colour theories; shaded drawing; form polarities arising from elements and ethers; working with darkness and light; principles of line, dynamic and transition. Resources provided to support the work of the class teacher.

Music: Elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, beat. Writing, reading, singing, listening and playing recorder throughout the lower and upper primary years. Resources provided to support the class teacher.

Speech and Drama: Working with language as a creative and formative forceUsing drama and verse resources to deepen the child’s learning. Resources provided to support the class teacher.

Experience of the visual and performing arts is an essential component of the course and occurs at the Training Seminars. No previous experience is necessary.


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