EC07 2020 Anthroposophy Studies

Course Fee: $1500.00


Image: Soul Inviting Spirit No. 29, by Iris Sullivan

Course Overview

Introduction to Anthroposophy

In this study we look at Rudolf Steiner’s picture of the human being and our relationship to the world of nature and spirit. Time is given to exploring the being of man as body, soul and spirit; the interlocking sheaths of the human being, the physical, etheric, astral bodies and the I. Study on the Temperaments, their development and how they relate to the individual with a particular destiny. Reflection in written exercises is made on how we can connect with these pictures in the modern world.

Life Phases

The study of our own Biography is endlessly fascinating and in this module we investigate life from Rudolf Steiner’s indications of 7 year phases of development of the human being. We look at the pattern of development of child and adult, soul types and life crises as a pathway towards growth. The assignment associated with this module allows the individual to work through a phase of their own life knowing the markers of that particular phase from our study of Rudolf Steiner.

Artistic Activities

We complement the philosophical modules with work that delves into Painting and Drawing, Clay Modelling and Eurythmy. No previous experience is at all necessary to engage with these activities.

Painting and Drawing: Some of the following elements are worked with: Goethe and Steiner’s colour theories; Shaded drawing; Form polarities arising from elements and ethers; Working with darkness and light; Principles of line, dynamic and transition.

Clay Modelling: Hands on clay work that gives practical experiences in observation and modelling; emphasis on the metamorphosis of form and creative expression through clay.

Eurythmy: a beginning is made of Steiner’s completely original art form of movement as a creative medium for individual expression and for the expression of universal laws.

Open to all: This course is also the 100 hours of Anthroposophical studies required for Early Childhood Teacher Certification.
Each weekend runs with a minimum of 10 enrolments.

Course Code: EC07
Course Coordinator:
Linda St Clair
Tutors include: Renate Long-Breipohl, Catherine Pilko, Julia Byrne and Kimberley Hammerton.
Venue: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000.


Course Fees & Payment Options

Compulsory Enrolment Fee

To be paid on enrolment
$140 inc GST (non-refundable)

Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $1500.00 to be made January 2020

Term Payments
3 x payments of $500.00 (total $3000.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July)

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

Course Timeline & Dates

EC07 runs every second year. It is running in 2020.

2020 Dates

Weekend 1 – 27th June–28th June
Weekend 2 – Semester 2, TBA

Anthroposophy, an Introduction – 50 indicative hours
Life Phases – 30 indicative hours (1 assignment)
Eurythmy – 6 indicative hours (no assignments)
Painting and Drawing –  7 indicative hours  (no assignments)
Clay Modelling –  7 indicative hours  (no assignments)

Assignments are only compulsory for Early Childhood Certificate students.



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