DE02 2019 Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education

Enrolments for 2019 now open

Course Fee: $3000.00


Course Overview

Are you a qualified teacher who wishes to gain qualifications to teach in a Steiner school? Do you wish to deepen your knowledge of Anthroposophy?

The Foundations and Certificate courses in Rudolf Steiner Education involve both philosophical and artistic modules that give you a comprehensive experience of the impulses behind Anthroposophy and of the ideas and intentions behind Rudolf Steiner Education.

These two courses are delivered as separate part time courses over one year each. When both are completed a Certificate of Rudolf Steiner Education is awarded. (Statements of Attainment are awarded for individual modules on completion).

This course is recognised by Steiner schools in Australia for those seeking employment as teachers in Steiner schools. For all Australian schools, teachers need the requisite government qualifications.

Course Code: DE02
Course Coordinator:
  Emilia Salgado

Course Timeline & Dates

Part time over 1 year – 2 hours per week, 160 indicative hours.
2 x compulsory seminars, 5 days each, Sydney


February 2019
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

Sunday 14th April – Thursday 18th April 2019
Seminar 1 – Sydney.
Artistic and Philosophical modules.
Food – Separate charge for M/T, Lunch and A/T – $150 due 7 days before Seminar


Beginning July 2019
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

Monday 30th September – Friday 4th October 2019
Seminar 2 – Sydney.
Artistic and Philosophical modules.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Compulsory Enrolment Fee
$140 inc GST (non-refundable)

Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3000.00 to be made January 2019

Term Payments
4 x payments of $750.00 (total $3000.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July, 1st October)

Food is a separate cost, and always due 7 days prior to the seminar.
$150 each seminar, inc GST

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.


Course Subjects

Philosophical Modules

Introduction to Anthroposophy: The relationship between Anthroposophy and Steiner Education; The 3-fold human being; The 4 lower senses; The Temperaments; The 4-fold human being.

Life Phases: Phases of development of child and adult, soul types and life crises as a pathway towards growth.

Introduction to Steiner Education: The Introduction to Steiner Education module will deepen the understanding of the human being encountered in the Introduction to Anthroposophy module and make connections between the curriculum and the methodology in Steiner schools with Rudolf Steiner’s indications of child development, particularly in the 7 – 14 year age group.

Course Subjects

Visual and Performing Arts Modules

Painting and Drawing: Goethe and Steiner’s colour theories; Shaded drawing; Form polarities arising from elements and ethers; Working with darkness and light; Principles of line, dynamic and transition.

Music: Elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, beat. Writing, reading, singing, listening and playing recorder.

Eurythmy: Movement as a creative medium for individual expression and for the expression of universal laws.

Speech and Drama: Working with language as a creative and formative force

Experience of the visual and performing arts is an essential component of the course and occurs in the Residentials. No previous experience is necessary.”


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