NSW Teachers – What’s in it for YOU if you do the DEO2?

Foundations in Rudolf Steiner

The DEO2 is Sydney Rudolf Steiner College’s flagship teacher training foundation program. It’s done by distance, takes a year to complete and is a fascinating and rewarding introduction to Steiner teaching.

As of 2019, we will be collaborating with NESA to ensure that 3 of our 6 DEO2 modules will be NESA compliant. For teachers that’s a huge incentive. Not only will you attain the DEO2 but you can claim 18 hours of our course towards your professional development. This is of benefit to all NSW teachers who want to maintain their Proficient Teacher Accreditation.

You don’t have to be a Steiner teacher to do our DEO2, you may just be thinking of a career sea-change and would like to see what Steiner teaching is about. Or perhaps you are a Steiner teacher and although you’ve already got a formal university qualification in education you’re understanding of Steiner education could be more comprehensive.

If you’re interested feel free to call us on 02 9261 4001 or enrol at


The DEO2 is run by distance but we have two compulsory week long Seminars in Sydney during school holidays. In 2019 these will be held on Sunday April 14th to Thursday April 18th (inclusive) and Monday 30th Sept to Friday 4th of October (inclusive).

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