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New to teaching in a Steiner school? A parent with a child at a Steiner school? Or planning a career change?

The Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education is a course for teachers new to Steiner education or those that are hoping for a career-change.

But we’re an open house and people from all walks of life are welcome. Parents are most welcome too – those with children at a Steiner school would gain tremendous insight into the foundations of the system of education experienced by their child. Understanding anthroposophy, important elements of the curriculum and enjoying the variety of arts in Steiner education would give parents great satisfaction and knowledge.

We have two intensive seminars throughout the year. Assignments are sent via email and reading material is posted periodically throughout the year.

Please have a look at our website for the Foundations in Rudolf Steiner Education and feel free to call if you have any queries.

Phone: 02 9261 4001.

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