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SRSC Teacher Training Hub – Full Proposal

The Teacher Training Hub

An Invitation to Steiner Schools to Participate in Teacher Training Hubs

To all our school colleagues around the country, we invite you to join us in a collaborative initiative, providing more opportunities for accessibility to teacher training, and strengthening this educational stream within our broader communities.

There is an increasing need in schools for teachers, who have not only the requisite tertiary training but also an in-depth understanding of Steiner Education. For most, full-time training, often in another state, is not possible and schools find themselves having to employ teachers with minimal or no training, often with the promise of on-the-job training or fast-track holiday seminars. This adds an extra burden on schools and teachers alike.

To meet the need for part-time training around Australia, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College has been running a distance teacher training course, with online course material and assignments enriched by two weeklong seminars based in Sydney. More recently we have added weekly live streaming lectures and discussions using national and international speakers to develop our curriculum themes. Our courses have always striven to find the right balance between the practical needs of teachers and a deeper experience of Anthroposophy that is essential to Steiner education.

It is our intention to continue this Blended Learning format beyond the advent of COVID-19 as we believe it provides an excellent balance of learning modalities and is more widely accessible. An essential component, however, will always be the face-to-face experiential learning and collegiality that takes place in our seminars. These have an emphasis on the artistic fundamentals that Steiner teachers need to cultivate.

In response to the changing landscape of Teacher Education, and to provide easier access to our courses, the College is now proposing a further change by engaging teachers and schools on a regional basis. Our proposal is that schools within specific regions form TEACHER EDUCATION HUBS in collaboration with the College, to deliver aspects of the course. We invite you to consider if this may be of value to your school community.


How Teacher Training Hubs Work




To discuss how your school can create a Teacher Training Hub, please get in touch with Robyn Davis at