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Exploring Anthroposophy

Anthroposophy is fundamentally a study of the human being, our nature, development and task.

The lens or perspective Steiner gives us is the view that we are spiritual beings living a physical existence. To better understand our journey through life he details our life’s phases and the development of our soul capacities, thinking, feeling and willing. Steiner emphasises that all he teaches can be verified by the individual through our own endeavours with clear thinking and heartfelt response to the sense world, in freedom. In this sense, Anthroposophy is the tangible path of inner development and a spiritual-scientific lifelong study.To learn more we invite you to join us for our upcoming short course, Exploring Anthroposophy.

In this short course, students are guided through an immersive introduction to Anthroposophy, as a way to deepen one’s experience of the foundations of life.This course is for Steiner School Parents, Steiner School Administration and Management Staff, High School Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and anyone with an interest in learning more about the foundations of Steiner Education.

The course is completed over 12 weeks across Terms one and two and begins 16 February 2022. 

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