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Be Enchanted! A One-Day Workshop Exploring the Wisdom of Fairy Tales

Wisdom of Fairy Tales

Once we find the key to unlock the mystery of fairy tales, we enter a world full of wisdom and treasures, nourishment and support for our own journey on earth.

Join celebrated storyteller Ebba Bodame for a one-day workshop as she delves into the universal meaning of fairy tales. We will listen to stories, explore their themes and connect with their archetypes. Painting and eurythmy sessions will guide us into deeper interpretations of their gestures, symbols and substance.

Fairy tales are for everyone, old and young. Connecting with the deeper meaning of fairy tales as an adult allows us to tap into their wisdom, to find nourishment and support, to see our path through life reflected in their mirror.

In this one-day workshop, celebrated storyteller Ebba Bodame will be our guide to finding and understanding the common threads running through fairy tales. There will be storytelling, story listening, discussion and exploration. Guided artistic experiences — painting and eurythmy — will further deepen our understanding of the wisdom of fairy tales.

Join us in unlocking the mystery of fairy tales, and find a world full of treasures and sustenance for our own journey on earth.

About the presenters

Ebba Bodame has worked with young children and parents for over forty years. As a storyteller who has loved and worked on these stories for her whole life, she is looking forward to sharing what she herself has gained through the wisdom of fairy tales.

Adam Chan has taught eurythmy to adults and children in Australia, Canada, Vietnam, the Philippines and China, where the first graduates have just completed his four-year fulltime eurythmy training course. He currently teaches eurythmy at Linuwel Steiner School in Maitland.


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