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We’ve Been Busy Doing What we Love Doing – Training Teachers!

NESA Teacher Training Painting & Art

From April 14-18th, 2019, 42 teachers came from across Australia to take part in our teacher training course.

It was a wonderful, intense and creative week. Who better to describe the week than a student who was there.

This is Lesley’s recount!

What a fabulous residential school! It was good to meet all kinds of different people all with one common thread. We all want to educate in a way that is wholesome and meaningful to our students. We learnt so much from all the amazing, gifted and experienced lecturers that imparted their knowledge and shared their experience with us over the four days.

The lectures by Dr Renate Long Breipohl were incredibly engaging and informative. I couldn’t help think that we were listening to a very special soul speak, her experience and calm demeanor captivating us all. She spoke with wisdom and clarity and helped to “grow “ our understanding of anthroposophy.

My next experience was to be a musical one with Adrienne Alexander. “Get in and get on with it”. No sitting on the sidelines in this class! However much experience one has with teaching music there was a lot to learn from this very captivating, competent teacher. She taught skills and delivered content that we could use immediately with our students, coaching everyone with confidence and pushing personal boundaries for us to learn so that we could deliver quality musical education. These sessions were a complete delight and we went away with a booklet of knowledge that endorsed how music is taught within a Steiner classroom. Adrienne is a beautiful, talented soul and the perfect person to be encouraging musical confidence in teachers.

Music NESA Teacher Training - Sydney Rudolf Steiner College
















We then went from switching on our ears to switching on our eyes! Gill William-Smith is an art lecturer that had such a passion for art that we couldn’t help but want to do it too.

We tasted the fruits of water colour painting, form drawing, chalk drawing and pastel drawing. I loved these sessions, as much of the content was very new to me and I learnt so much from this wonderful teacher who had such a great sense of humour!

NESA Teacher Training Visual Arts - Sydney Rudolf Steiner College










Dianne Tatum took us through some morning circle work. This got us moving and interacting and acknowledging each other. She showed us how to deliver stories by putting us right in the heart of the story itself. One could not help but be thoroughly captivated by this way of understanding myths and legends. I felt this work, worked on many deep levels of our soul, more than we knew at the time and it was very engaging. It left me hungry to learn more stories!

NESA Teacher Training - Sydney Rudolf Steiner Colllege



Lisa Devine took us on a journey to understand more insights into Anthroposophy and to start looking at the four temperaments. This work was deep and left people searching for more understanding about themselves and the students in their care. The role plays heightened just how complex human nature is when looking at it from this way and also how much more meaningful our interaction with people can be, and more understanding we can have of the young people we teach. It was a great insight into behavioural patterns, psychology and how we can communicate more effectively.

In between all this wonderful learning we got to know each other and made new friends along the way while chatting over cups of tea and eating wholesome food.
The residential school was a fabulous experience, a real insight into the ideals of Rudolf Steiner and how this methodology can be used effectively in the classroom. It was extremely well organized and I look forward to meeting everyone again in September!

Lesley Gentilin

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