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Blackboard Beauties – Enrolments Open!

Reverence and beauty are qualities that are cultivated wonderfully in a Steiner classroom, and the unique beauty surrounding the reverence of blackboard drawings has always been an important part of the Steiner classroom experience for both teachers and students. When we immerse children in a world of vibrant colour, through artistic means such as the beauty of a teacher’s blackboard drawings, then we are able to offer the child a soul experience to colour and form. It is from these blackboard drawings in a Steiner classroom that much of the exciting curriculum is presented, bursting forth, bringing curriculum content to life. In Steiner schools, we use colour and creativity as a curative approach, one that helps the child experience the curriculum from an inner feeling and not just an intellectual understanding, Head, Heart and Hands.

This 7 1/2 hour course will be led by Raphaela Mazzone, a Steiner school alumnus with 15 years experience studying and working in art, music and drama. She is a Steiner class teacher at Kamaroi School and an accomplished artist and illustrator. Raphaela has a Masters in Fine Art, Bachelor of Visual Art & Design and is currently studying Psychology while teaching part-time.

Participants will be led through a series of online sessions with one two-hour live session on Wednesday 24 January 2022 at 2pm-4pm (AEDT).

Alternatively, if your School would like to do this course as a staff professional development day we can organise this too!

To book in please go to:

ONBBD1020 Blackboard Beauties – The Art of Blackboard Drawing