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The Artful Parent

The Foundation in Rudolf Steiner Education course (DE02) is for teachers in training and others, including parents, who are inspired by Steiner’s pedagogy and want to learn more.
Although we were forced to shift our Foundation course, Artistic Development in Steiner Education (a NESA course) to online delivery, it was very lovely to see students upload their completed works. Here is Adrienn Havesi-Nagy’s painting. DE02 student, Adrienn produced some beautiful art works whilst working through the online module presented by Gill William-Smith.
Here’s one of her completed works and her testimonial.
Thank you Adrienn.
‘I feel like I have just experienced the whole primary art curriculum on my own in a few days, my family by my side.
Well, I actually did. It feels sooo strange.
But I do love my artwork and feel like I have this feel for the different kinds of medium used in my own hands now, in my nerves and fingertips, whereas I have only been watching my children produce these amazing artwork all these years.
To hear the comment from a teenager: “Mum, that’s REALLY good! ” was like a way of saying we speak another common language now.
I feel like the chamber of secrets has been opened, haha..!
Gill’s instructions were so clear and the steps easy to follow. From the Watercolour paintings, through Form drawing and to Drawing it has been a most special experience for my senses at a time when the world seemed at a standstill. What a special way to keep your humanity.
The different techniques, materials and range of colours used in classrooms for the different developmental ages are basically useful assessment tools as well for teachers.
Steiner schools are truly fostering the imagination and human development of children. How blessed they all are!’.

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