Supporting Children to be Adventurous Problem-Solvers is what Steiner Teachers Love Doing!

Steiner teachers around the world actively encourage children to be in nature, to have adventures, to encounter new experiences with support and courage.

When children are challenged, they learn. Like many mythical heroes and heroines, Steiner children experience their education as a journey, replete with excitement, challenges and wonder. And it’s a carefully guided journey where teachers deeply know their students, as they are with them from Year 1 through to Year 8. This partnership helps teachers bond and guide their students within the classroom and beyond. Children are extended through an academically thorough curriculum grounded in the liberal arts, as well as led on adventures, well beyond the confines of a classroom.

If you’re a teacher and interested in understanding Rudolf Steiner education, our College offers a Distance Learning Certificate that will help you transition to teaching in a Waldorf School. Enrollments are now open for next year’s course starting in Feb 2019.

If you’re a parent or carer and are interested in the Foundations of Steiner Education, we also welcome you to join our one year Distance Learning Foundations course, commencing Feb 2019. If you’re home-schooling this course will inspire you to integrate the Steiner impulse into your daily home-school lesson plans.

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