Projective Geometry Workshop

Projections, Shadows & Symmetry from the Cosmos

Two-Part workshop at the Spring Seminar

With Live-Stream available.


Join Sophia Montefiore in this in-depth workshop that offers insight into the profound and revelational constructions process of Projective Geometry, exploring Desargues’s “Shadow Theorem” through observational activities and construction exercises.

Tuesday 27 September

Workshop Fee: $160 (incl. GST)


Enrolments Closed

Course Overview

A valuable and essential workshop for teachers of high school and upper primary.

Projective Geometry has a special place in the Steiner/Waldorf Curriculum. While the concepts can be taken to a very profound level, the constructions simply use a straight edge and pencil, and very beautiful work can be created with minimal measurement or mathematics.

Projective Geometry is the perfect example of how the Steiner Curriculum grows with the child. Projective Geometry for Senior High School students is a development of their primary engagement with ‘form drawing’. It involves high level thinking that is balanced by the creation of rigorous Projective Geometry constructions (willing) and artistic relationships to the world around us (feeling). According to Olive Whicher Projective Geometry has a “clarifying effect on thought as a whole.”

Sophia Montefiore will be delivering her in-depth workshop on Projective Geometry at the Spring Seminar for High School on Thursday 27 September. Participants will artistically explore a series of Projective Geometry constructions based on Desargues’s ‘Shadow Theorem’. Beginning with observational activities involving projection and shadows, participants will then take this understanding to the next level through drawing. The geometry construction process is profound and revelational and through it participants will learn to see the unseen structure of natural forms – the patterns that visibly express aspects of Nature’s open secret.This is both a valuable and essential workshop for teachers of high school and upper primary, and is open to anyone interested in engaging in the topic. We invite casual participants to enrol in the workshop as a standalone module, or to join us for the full Spring Seminar this September.


Course Details

Presenter: Sophia Montefiore

Date: Tuesday 27 September

Time: 1.30 – 3pm (Session 1) and 3.30pm – 5pm (Session 2)

Cost: $160 AUD per person (incl. GST)



Sydney Seminar: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 2068

With Live-Streaming to Northern Rivers Hub: Cape Byron Steiner School

Online: Live-Streaming available for those unable to attend in person


About the Tutor

Sophia Montefiore has been a Waldorf teacher for over 25 years and is currently the Senior HSC Coordinator at the Newcastle Waldorf School. She teaches a range of High School subjects including English, History, Mathematics, Projective Geometry, Art and Philosophy and enjoys all of these. Sophia is an exhibiting artist and published illustrator and has written peer-reviewed pedagogical journal articles on Projective Geometry including for the Journal for Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner Education (Vol 20, Sept 2018).


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