Five Big Questions about Evolving Consciousness (6 Online Workshops)

Course Code: PHHC2021
Presenter:  Dr Fiona Campbell
Course Date: 9th & 16th June, 25th August, 1st September, 13th & 20th October.
Venue/Time: Zoom online 7:30pm to 9pm (Sydney time)
Individuals: $200 including GST and emailed reading materials

Prerequisites: Nil but pre-reading is highly recommended


Perspectives on History and Human Consciousness: Past, Present and Future –

Debating the Big Questions  – with Fiona Campbell

Join our final year Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education students as they ponder and debate five big questions concerning evolving human consciousness. This online course is led by Dr Fiona Campbell who has researched and lectured on this topic for 25 years.

Perspectives on Steiner’s worldview of Human Development is an online 6-evening workshop  program which will be running from 9 June to 20 October.

Join an enlivened discussion to unpack and ponder on these questions:

  • Theme 1. What if people of the past saw the world differently from us? And how would we know?
  • Theme 2. What does ‘evolving consciousness mean? And why is this concept central to Steiner philosophy?
  • Theme 3. Do I really need to understand Steiner’s philosophy to teach in a Steiner School?
  • Theme 4. Could myths and legends be more than just stories? What deeper secrets do they hold?
  • Theme 5. What effect do computers have on our future development? We don’t encourage their use in Steiner Education – do we need to rethink our stance on this?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, or would like to understand more about these topics more, join us for our online webinars where we unpack some of the big questions about our past and how they shape the possibilities of our future development. Whether your interest is Steiner Education or Steiner philosophy, come and join in to the conversation over 6 webinars on 5 big themes of Anthroposophy.

Book now. Some pre-reading required. Articles will be emailed to you in advance.

Dates: 7:30pm to 9pm on
9th June
16th June
25th August
1st September
13th October
20th October

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ABC interview with Dr. Fiona Campbell

You can hear one of our wonderful tutors, Dr Fiona Campbell,  in an ABC interview discussing her own Artistic practice based on Anthroposophical principles. Fiona has a long history with the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, and recently presented her module: Perspectives on History and Human Consciousness, to our second year students.

Fiona describes how an anthroposophical approach to art brings a much needed ‘elevation in human consciousness (not just art for art’s sake) and can provide a dynamic, nourishing and therapeutic counterbalance to technology.’

Click to hear the full Interview and Fiona’s part starts at 34.30 mins in.