Explore your Life Story

Enrolments for 2022 now open.

Course Fee:

ELSM: Module Study, as module in ECF, Webinars and Tasks

  • $450 incl. GST

ELSW: Webinars only

  • $270 incl. GST



Course Overview

Discover Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the seven-year phases of human development. Look at patterns of development in childhood, adolescence and adulthood, soul types and how life crises can spur personal growth. Applying anthroposophic wisdom can help you understand your personal biography and offer transformational renewal.

The webinars will encourage active engagement in the module.

No experience required.

Explore your Life Story forms part of the Foundations Course ECF in Anthroposophic Studies. There is one major assignment which is compulsory for Annual and Module students.

We welcome casual enrolments for whom the assignment is optional.

Course Code: ELS2022
Presenter: Meg Quinlisk
Delivery: 6 Webinars Term 4 2022

Course Dates

Dates: October 26 – November 30

Time: Wednesdays 5.30pm – 7pm

Course Fees

ELSM: Module Study, as Module in ECF. Webinars and Tasks, receive a Statement of Module Completion

  • $450 incl. GST

ELSW: Webinars only, receive a Statement of Attendance

  • $270 incl. GST

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