Steiner Education Early Childhood Teaching – Foundation ECF

Enrolments for 2021 now open.

Course Fee: $3400.00


Course Overview

This is the first course in the pathway to become an Assistant or Teacher in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood education.

This course is an integrated study of Steiner’s picture of the human being through our study of Anthroposophy, child development from birth to seven years and artistic and craft experiences based on the rhythm of the year. The importance of Play for the child, story-telling and the Inner Development of the teacher are highlighted as well as many other aspects of Early Childhood during the course of the year.

This course provides the minimum qualification needed to be an assistant in a Steiner Early Childhood setting (Government qualifications needed). Statement of Course Completion with submission of all assignments OR Statement of Attendance with no assignments required.
Graduates of this course will have fulfilled the pre-requisite to study the ECC: Steiner Education Early Childhood Teaching – Certificate.

Course Coordinator: Linda St Clair,, +61 422  429 329

Course Code: ECF
Course Coordinator: Linda St Clair
Tutors include: Anni Gemell, Catherine Pilko, Ebba Bodame, Lesley Carlton, Robyn Davis – all leading figures in Australian Steiner Early Childhood education.
Course Delivery: Online and in-person, if possible.

Our main course content in 2021 will be run online via a weekly 90 minute Zoom Webinar on Tuesday/Wednesday evening from 7.30-9pm (Sydney time) over 4 terms of 6 weeks each.

There will also be two ‘in-person’ seminars run over 4 days at a Sydney campus (venue to be decided) during the Autumn and Spring school holidays. These will be live-streamed if due to Covid19 participants cannot travel to Sydney.

Assignments and required reading are compulsory throughout the course.

An Australian tertiary qualification is required for teaching at any level in education in Australia.

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag 2068

Course Fees & Payment Options

Full Annual Payment with Discount
Total Course Fee $3230.00 including the 5% discount, if the total annual fee is paid upfront before 15 Jan 2021.


Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3400 if paid throughout the four terms of the year.


Term Payments
4 x payments of $450 (total $1800.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July, 1st October).

2 x payments of $800 (total $1600) for the Seminars, due at the beginning of April and October. Fee includes all tuition, materials and catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

To enrol in this course please pay for the first term fee. Sydney Rudolf Steiner College will then activate your enrolment and send you an emailed enrolment confirmation, login and course details.

Why Study at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College?

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College was the first organisation in Australia to establish a course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education. Our courses are reviewed every year to ensure we are meeting the needs of the students and their situations. We have managed to accommodate students by delivering flexible programmes and we’ve now re-structured our courses in response to the social impact of Covid19 by creating an online programme, without losing any of the integrity, essentials or depth of the course. Our courses are well recognised and respected all over Australia as rigorous, comprehensive and quality Early Childhood training programmes. Our tutors are very experienced and well respected.

Course Coordinator: Linda St Clair,, +61 422 429 329

What our students say

“I certainly felt very welcome, very included, very valued, part of a group, mentored, and have been given appropriate feedback- all in the sense of belonging” KS

“The time spent on tasks is like a gift to myself”

“Thank you for the inspiration and wisdom in your book, Linda.” HL

Course Timeline & Dates

Steiner Education Early Childhood Teacher  – Foundation (ECF) 2021

Term 1
17 Feb—24 Mar
6 Week Webinar
on Wednesday, 7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
Autumn Seminar
4 days spread over 5
11—15 Apr
Term 2
12 May—16 Jun 
6 Week Webinar
on Wednesday, 7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
Week 1 Course Introduction Anthroposophy – Lectures on: Week 1 Introduction to the 4 Temperaments
Week 2 Introduction to Anthroposophy Child Development Week 2 Introduction to the 4 Temperaments
Week 3 Biography of Rudolf Steiner and the first Waldorf school Incarnation
Development of Movement – 1st Year
Development of speech and thinking in the 2nd and 3rd year
Child Development and Play
Week 3 The 12 Senses (lower/physical)
Week 4 The Threefold human being as a basis for child development Storytelling
Beeswax sculpting
Week 4 The 12 Senses (middle-soul/higher-spiritual)
Week 5 The Fourfold human being Painting Week 5 The 3 Phases of Child Development
Week 6 Review Nutrition Week 6 The Role of the teacher



Term 3
27 Jul—31 Aug 
6 weeks Webinar on Tuesday, 7.30-9pm (Sydney time) Spring Seminar
4 days spread over 5 
26—30 Sep
12 Oct—16 Nov 

6 weeks Webinar on Tuesday, 7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
 Week 1  The 4 Lower Senses Child study and observation   Week 1 Childrens’ Drawings
Week 2 The 4 Lower Senses Nutrition and biodynamics  Week 2  Challenging Children
Week 3 The Child in the World Today Imitation and educating the will  Week 3  Celebrations-Birthdays
Week 4 The Child in the World Today Story Presentation  Week 4  Spiritual Picture of the Festivals
Week 5 Rhythm  Clay Modelling Week 5  Christmas Talk
Week 6 Rhythm of the Kindy Day and Week Kindy Craft /Painting with Children/Finger Games/Craft Program Week 6 Show and Tell – Interactive presentations of craft and  singing




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