Steiner Education Early Childhood Teaching – Certificate ECC

This course will run in 2021 and enrolments are open.

Course Fee: $3400


Course Overview

This course is for those who wish to become a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Teacher and follows on from the first year course, Steiner Education Early Childhood Foundation (ECF).


This is the second and final course in the pathway to become a Teacher in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood education. The completion of the Foundation course (ECF) is a pre-requisite for study of this course.

Approved study elsewhere with documentation may be  sufficient to enter this course.

This course strengthens and deepens the Foundation study (ECF) of Steiner Early Childhood education. Steiner’s picture of the child, their essential needs and how transitions are evident in child development is given weight in detailed study of the child, the unfolding of the senses and how this translates to work in the classroom. Emphasis is given to developing the skills necessary to bring festivals, morning circle, fairy stories and the integration of music into early childhood programs. Practice of these elements, developing programs, child study, journaling and professional readiness are part of our compulsory Guided Experience of 15 days spent in a Steiner Early childhood classroom.

ECC runs with a minimum of 10 enrolments every second year.
2021 – next scheduled year


This Certificate course (ECC) completes the 400 hours of study (including contact hours and self- study) with the Foundations course (ECF) for which we are recognised by the International Association of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood (IASWECE). This means that after satisfactorily completing the two years of study, students receive an internationally recognised and portable qualification.

Course Coordinator: Linda St Clair,, +61 422  429 329

Course Code: ECC
Course Coordinator:
Linda St Clair
Tutors include: Anni Gemell, Catherine Pilko, Ebba Bodame, Lesley Carlton, Robyn Davis – all leading figures in Australian Steiner Early Childhood education.
Venues: Online and in-person seminars
Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag (TBC)

Course Delivery: Online and in-person, if possible.

Our main course content in 2021 will be delivered online via a weekly 90 minute Zoom Webinar on Tuesday evening from 7.30-9pm (Sydney time) over 4 terms of 6 weeks each.

There will be two compulsory ‘in-person’ seminars run over 4 days at a Sydney campus during the Autumn and Spring school holidays. These will be live-streamed if, due to Covid19, participants cannot travel to Sydney.

Assignments and required reading are compulsory throughout the course.

Please note an Australian tertiary qualification is required for teaching at any level in education in Australia.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Full Annual Payment with Discount
Total Course Fee $3230.00 including the 5% discount, if the total annual fee is paid upfront before 15 Jan 2021.


Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3400 if paid throughout the four terms of the year.

Term Payments
4 x payments of $450 (total $1800.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July, 1st October).

2 x payments of $800 (total $1600) for the Seminars, due at the beginning of April and October. Fee includes all tuition, materials and catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea).

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

To enrol in this course please pay for the first term fee. Sydney Rudolf Steiner College will then activate your enrolment and send you an emailed enrolment confirmation, login and course details.

Why Study at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College?

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College was the first organisation in Australia to establish a course in Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education in 1980.  Our courses are reviewed every year to ensure we are meeting the needs of the students and their situations. We have managed to accommodate students by delivering flexible programs and we’ve now re-structured our courses in response to the social impact of Covid19 by creating an online program, without losing any of the integrity, essentials or depth of the course. Our courses are well recognised and respected all over Australia as rigorous, comprehensive and quality Early Childhood training programs. Our tutors are experienced and well respected.

This course covers 400 hours of content (including the Steiner Early Childhood Foundation or ECC, contact hours and self-study) for which we are recognised by the International Association for Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE). This means that after completing the two years of study (all 400 hours), students receive an internationally recognised and portable qualification.

Please note:

· The 15 day Guided Experience is compulsory and needs to be done in Term 3 or late Term 2.

· Assignments and required reading are compulsory throughout the course.

· An Australian tertiary qualification is required for teaching at any level in education in Australia but this may be done concurrently with our courses.

Course Timetable & Key Dates

Steiner Education Early Childhood Teacher – Certificate (ECC)

Term 1
16 Feb—23 Mar
6 Week Webinar
on Tuesday, 7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
Autumn Seminar
4 days spread over 5
11—15 Apr
Term 2
11 May—15 Jun
6 Week Webinar
on Tuesday, 
7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
Week 1 Steiner’s Picture of the Child’s Essential Needs Anthroposophy – Lectures on: Week 1 Working with Sense Disturbances
Week 2 Transitions in Early Childhood Development Meditative Reflections & Practice Week 2 Therapeutic Approaches to Senses
Week 3 Understanding the Qualities of the Etheric Forces Child Study
Morning Circle
Week 3 EC Compliance-Working with EYLF
Week 4 Music for the Young Child Fairy Tales
Silk Puppets
Week 4 Interactions with Children
Week 5 Mood of the Fifth Singing Week 5 Working with Parents
Week 6 Guided Experience Recorder Playing Week 6 The Role of the Educator



Term 3
27 Jul—31 Aug
Guided Experience Spring Seminar
4 days spread over 5
26—30 Sep
Term 4
12 Oct—16 Nov 
6 Week Webinar
on Tuesday, 
7.30—9pm (Sydney time)
 Week 1  Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Inner  Development of the Teacher – revision  Week 1  Guided Experience Journals
Week 2 Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Inner Development Workshop and Revision  Week 2  Guided Experience Journals
Week 3 Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Guided Experience Debrief/Discussion  Week 3  Guided Experience Journals
Week 4 Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Presentations by Students on:
Child Study
Morning Circle
 Week 4  Guided Experience Journals
Week 5 Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Kindy Craft program Week 5 Completion of Guided Experience
Week 6 Guided Experience in a Steiner Setting Lyre Playing/Recorder program Week 6 Completion of Craft and Presentations


Some of the Subjects Covered:

The self-development of teacher: both personal and professional. Study of essential texts by Rudolf Steiner.

Morning Circle: how do we create one? Movement, finger games, workshopping and presenting.

The Four Lower Senses and Sense disturbances.

Child Study: Observation of a child in the light of the Anthroposophical spiritual understanding of the human being including aspects of temperament, constitutional type, school readiness and the education of the will. Students will learn how to work with a holistic picture of the individual child.

Archetypes and the meaning of Fairy Tales: painting with a fairy-tale theme.

Festivals: The spiritual picture and working with the rhythm of the year.

Artistic Practice: puppet-making, lyre-playing, eurythmy and sculpture.

Guided Experience

A three week guided experience (practicum) is undertaken at a Rudolf Steiner Pre-School or Kindergarten.

Tasks in the guided experience include child study, morning circle, music with the children as well as a professional diary.

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Early Childhood course work demonstrated by our wonderful tutors

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