DE03 2020 Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education

Enrolments and Fees

Annual Enrolment Fee $140 payable via this website

Annual Course Fee $3500 payable via Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Additional NESA fee $120 payable via Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Course Overview

Completion of DE02

Course Code: DE03
Course Coordinator:
  Emilia Salgado

Qualification on completion: Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education.

Course Timeline & Dates

Part time over 1 year: Approx. 4 hours study per week
Attendance at two compulsory Training Seminars in Sydney. Due to Covid19 we will be running the April seminar online.
Dates: April 15th–19th (inclusive) and Sept 28th–October 2nd (inclusive) 2020
Times: 9:00am–6:00pm daily
Venue: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag or online.


February 2020
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

Wednesday 15th April–Sunday 19th April 2020, 9:00am–6:00pm
Focus modules: Steiner Curriculum-Advanced Studies, Inner Development for Teachers, Form Drawing-Advanced, Watercolour Painting Advanced, Black and White Drawing.


Beginning July 2020
Module outline and readings emailed/posted out.

Monday 28th September–Friday 2nd October 2020, 9:00am–6:00pm
Focus modules: History of Human Consciousness, Goethean Science,  Clay Moulding.

Course Fees & Payment Options

Course fees include all materials, tuition, support and catering at Seminars.

Compulsory Enrolment Fee
$140 inc GST (non-refundable)

Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3500.00 to be made by January 15th 2020.

Term Payments
4 x payments of $875.00 (total $3500.00) at the beginning of each term (10th February, 10th April, 10th July and 10th September 2020). Term payments will now be administered directly by Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. No term fees can be paid via this website.

NESA Accreditation
Your $120 NESA Accreditation fee covers the administration of your NESA course credit (some of the DE03 courses are accredited with NESA).  Please note we only offer NESA accreditation for NSW Proficient level teachers.

Payment Plan

Setting up a payment plan can be organised with the College for a small additional administrative fee. Please contact the College to discuss the 2020 payment plan arrangement.

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

DE03 Nigel Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Course Subjects

Philosophical Modules

Goethean Science: Students examine through exploration of the principal ideas of Goethean science and through careful observation of natural and cultural phenomena – how this science is central to the development of anthroposophical spiritual science and Rudolf Steiner education.

Inner Development for Teachers: This is an introduction to the Anthroposophical path of inner development. Students work with the rhythm of observation and reflection leading from percept to concept.

Steiner Education – Curriculum Studies (extension): This module builds on the skills students have developed in preparing main lessons in the first year course,  the Introduction to Steiner Education. Selecting another 3 main lessons, students will explore the curriculum and devise complete main lesson plans in peer supported workshops led by an experienced Steiner educator.

History of Human Consciousness: In this module we ask the questions:

  • What is the world and how do we describe it?
  • What is our relationship to the world and how have we been shaped by it?

in a cultural and historical context and in relation to Rudolf Steiner’s worldviewon evolution. This module also provides the foundation for teaching history in the Waldorf curriculum.

Course Subjects

Visual Arts Module

Clay Modelling: Practical experiences in observation and modelling; metamorphosis of form and creative expression through clay.

Form Drawing through the Steiner Curriculum: What must a teacher understand to teach this art practise? Explore the balance of the straight and curved line and the spaces in between. Form drawing skills are introduced in the Foundation year and deepened at the Certificate Training Seminar.

DE03 Form Drawing Sydney Rudolf Steiner College





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