Bothmer Gym Workshop

For Primary and High School Teaching

Join us for this practical intensive workshop on Bothmer Gymnastics, where we gain the capacity for active stillness and learn to counteract over-stimulation by reconnecting to the rhythmic system and will in the limbs. Delivered at the Autumn Seminar in Sydney this April.

14 – 15 April

Workshop Fee: $160 (incl. GST)


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Course Overview

Movement permeates all other senses and needs to be nurtured, especially as our culture moves us toward an ever more sedentary and passive existence. The especially beneficial to children and adults whose senses and nervous systems are over-stimulated, as it allows us to reconnect to the rhythmic system and will in the limbs.

By learning Bothmer Gymnastics we gain the capacity and discipline of active stillness, an essential state for quality listening, inner preparation and gathering one’s resources. Through this practice of bodily movements we can experience the creative, spiritual forces of space working upon the body.

This is a valuable and essential workshop for teachers of Primary and High School years. We invite casual participants to enrol in the workshop as a standalone module, or to join us for the full Autumn Seminar this April.

Cost: $160 AUD per person (incl. GST)



Session Dates:  14 – 15 April

Session Times: 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Venue: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 2068





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