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For all Educators, aspiring Teachers and Carers of the Primary and High School Years

We invite all new, aspiring and experienced teachers to join us for this enriching seminar, featuring inspiring lectures and creative and practical workshops to inform, refresh and enliven your teaching experience and self-development.

The Seminar is also recommended for individuals or parents who provide home-schooling for children in the Primary or High School years.



The Primary Seminar runs from Saturday 20 April – Wednesday 24 April

The High School Seminar runs from Saturday 20 April – Tuesday 23 April


Please note this is for casual participants, if you are currently enrolled in a Steiner Teaching Foundation Course, your course coordinator will process your registration for you. If you are unsure, please contact your course coordinator.


Course Overview

Casual participants are invited to join the Autumn Seminar for Primary and High School, a creative, inspiring and reflective space for educators to refresh and re-enliven their teaching journey and self-development. 

Lectures and workshops will include the following modules:


Inner Development – with Diane Tatum

Creative Speech – with Vivien Sievers

Watercolour Painting – with Raphaela Mazzone

Bothmer Gymnastics – with Louise Swanson

Eurythmy – with Diane Tatum

Restorative Practices – with Renee Gare

Singing – with Raphaela Mazzone

Handwork – with Elizabeth Ellean

Keynote presented by Diane Tatum


Inner Development

The path of Inner Development is central to the path of becoming a Steiner teacher. In these sessions, we’ll explore some of the basic exercises in Steiner’s “Guidance in Esoteric Training” and Knowledge of Higher Worlds,” in a hands-on and practical way.

Tutor: Diane Tatum 

Creative Speech

Creative Speech is an important skill for teachers to breathe life into their Main Lesson presentation and to improve their knowledge of the diverse trove of literature underpinning the Steiner curriculum. Teachers will be introduced to the foundations of artistic speech distinguishing the epic, lyric and dramatic styles. Participants will gain practical experience in creative speech exercises, gestures and movement to help enliven their delivery of literary works introduced throughout five core main lessons covered in primary and early high school.

Tutor: Vivien Sievers

Watercolour Painting

This workshop will introduce Goethe’s colour theory as a foundation for exploring and observing the wonder of colours and their inherent nature. Watercolour painting will be supported by observation exercises to bring a deeper connection and understanding of how colours arise in the environment and within ourselves.

Tutor: Raphaela Mazzone

Bothmer Gymnastics

Movement permeates all other senses and needs to be nurtured, especially as our culture moves us toward an ever more sedentary and passive existence. Bothmer Gym is especially beneficial to children and adults whose senses and nervous systems are over-stimulated, as it allows us to reconnect to the rhythmic system and will in the limbs.

By learning Bothmer Gymnastics we gain the capacity and discipline of active stillness, an essential state for quality listening, inner preparation and gathering one’s resources. Through this practice of bodily movements we can experience the creative, spiritual forces of space working upon the body.

Tutor: Louise Swanson

Restorative Practices

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss why Restorative Practices are needed in classrooms and communities today, now more than ever.
We will discuss the harms of punitive discipline models and the alternative ways we can help build healthy communities.
We will unpack The Compass of Shame and the Social Control Model that underpins Restorative Practices. And we will discuss how the 5 Restorative questions can be used to facilitate
restoration after wrong-doing or harm has been caused. After exploring the continuum of practices available for educators to use that can help support students, we will practice some explicit skills such as developing a Restorative Mindset, understanding the “misbehaviour” Iceberg, how to use Affective Statements and how to run a Corridor Conference
Participants will leave with a printed resource of Circling Up activities that can be used to up regulate or down regulate a group and some ideas about how to take the next step on their own
Restorative Journey.

Tutor: Renee Gare


Handwork is an intrinsic part of a Steiner School curriculum because it enhances a child’s capacity to recognise and contribute to beauty in everyday living, making practical objects as well as supporting other subject areas. Handwork helps to develop a child’s focus, attention and confidence as well as providing opportunities for bonding in community and creativity.

In this workshop participants will explore how handwork brings harmony and balance when working with the upper middle and lower senses. Participants will also be looking at Australian themes and sustainability in our practice.

Tutor: Elizabeth Ellean 


There will be three interweaving strands in these sessions:

  • Exploring the dynamic power of Eurythmy as a source of new perceptive capacities, to enhance child study and connection with your children.
  • Experiencing Eurythmy-inspired, curriculum-based movement activities for use in the classroom.
  • Energetically strengthening your Presence as a teacher: Eurythmy exercises for your own practice that uplift and energise, to balance the demands of daily life and professional work.

Tutor: Diane Tatum



What Our Students Say


“The seminar has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. Over and above the content and lectures it has been a joy to connect with the other students doing the course. The connections we have made will carry us forward feeling so much more supported and enriched.” – PTF Student, April 2023


“The food, the energy and the community was delivered perfectly.”– PTF Student, April 2023


“Very fulfilling and aligning, I feel leaving that my cup is fuller that I expected, it brought new magic into my life and I think this seminar gave me exactly what I needed in my own personal journey and in my fresh teaching journey.”– PTF Student, April 2023


“The seminar was so inspiring, fun, healing, deep and valuable. I will treasure this week dearly as I continue my journey to become a teacher.”– PTF Student, April 2023


“The seminar has ignited a passion in me and a love for the natural/spiritual world. One of the best decisions in my life.”– PTF Student, April 2023


“My overall experience of the seminar was amazing. It was deeply fulfilling, nourishing and energising – my heart is so full.”PTF Student, 2022


“I was honestly impressed with the calibre of the teachers. These courses were very much hands-on and I came away with many new and exciting resources to take back to the classroom. I feel enriched and inspired. I learnt techniques that were fresh and exciting along with a new delivery approach for my students. Thank you for your dedication to give us such an enlivened experience.” – PTF Student, 2021

Special note: the Autumn Seminar is not exclusive to Steiner educators and we invite all teachers and individuals interested in gaining new perspectives on education and life to join this event.





Autumn Seminar: Saturday 20 April – Wednesday 24 April

Seminar Coordinators:

  • Doris Antivilo (Primary Teaching Seminar)


  • Robyn Davis (High School Seminar)


Contact: 0467 953 881



Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, 121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 2068



Primary Teaching Seminar: $800 (incl. GST) – includes catering for morning and afternoon tea, and lunch

High School Teaching Seminar: $575 (incl. GST) – includes catering for morning and afternoon tea, and lunch



Please note that this is for casual enrolments in the Seminars. If you are currently enrolled in a Steiner Teaching Foundation Course, your course coordinator will process your registration for you. If you are unsure, please contact your course coordinator.


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