CA2018EM The Art of Caring: Working with Children under Three

The Art of Caring - Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

Course Code: CA2018EM
Course Dates: Term3, August 25/26
Venue: Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, 213 Wonga Rd, Warranwood, VIC 3134

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This new course was developed to meet the need for a specific training for those who work with children under three in settings such as home based child care, parent-child groups, centre based care for under threes. It is also for nannies and for parents who wish to learn more about care and education in the first three years of life based on the insights of Rudolf Steiner and the practice of caring for babies, toddlers and the child in the third year of life. This course supplements our already existing early childhood courses which mainly focus on children aged 3 – 6.

The course was wonderful!  One of the best I have attended in quite some time.  Renate was incredibly knowledgeable; there was a great mix of content including lecture, workshop and hands on and the content was well organised and insightful.  I have nothing but positive feedback from my experience.”  AF

I noticed a real shift in my work with the day care after that weekend, spending much more time with patience in the care practices, eating, nappies, and dressing. I have also taken much more time and care with the baby who is 9 months old, as I feel this is so important after listening to Renate’s lectures.”  MB

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