Positive Discipline in The Early Years

As teachers and carers we all recognise that positive communication, organisation and rhythm in the classroom or early childhood setting are the cornerstones to a harmonious and positive childhood and educational experience. These elements in turn affect children’s behaviour, confidence and sense of belonging and safety.

All teachers require positive strategies to manage classroom disruptions and inappropriate classroom behaviours for the optimum experience for all, and for their own professional development and career satisfaction. Building strong teacher-child relationships is the first step to creating a harmonious group atmosphere, increasing engagement and fulfilment, and enabling students to feel safe and secure in their learning environments.

For safety and respect to flourish in classrooms and early childhood centres, social and emotional skills require role-modelling by teacher/carers and reinforced in a positive and respectful manner. This can be done in a myriad of ways, both verbal and non-verbal.

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College is very pleased to be presenting a one day course on Positive Discipline techniques for all early childhood educators. The course is NESA endorsed, contributing to Professional Development hours if you are a teacher at Proficient Level.

Lou Harvey Zahra is a best-selling author and international speaker on creative and positive discipline. She has a myriad of experiences behind her which enable her to speak to many educational scenarios and a wide range of issues including special needs.

This one day course will delve right into the detailed practicalities of managing a group of children in positive ways, providing various tips and tools to keep cooperation flowing and fun. The course offers plenty of time for discussion and relevance to your particular circumstance. Songs, verses, rhymes and lots of resources are provided.

Date: Saturday 22 September 2018 in Sydney. This course is also available as a whole-faculty booking opportunity or can be held in other locations. This course will also be held in Semester One, 2019.


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