Finding Paradise in the Metropolis

Last week, we enjoyed a visit by Ebba Bodame, a leading Steiner educator with nearly 48 years experience in the realm of early childhood.

We talked about the upcoming Spring and living in the city. Contrary to what some may believe, the city can still provide abundant opportunities for families to celebrate Spring.

Ebba had many practical tips to help city parents bring “a sense of paradise” to their everyday family life. With Spring only a few weeks away, we thought it timely to record her insights.

“Dare to embrace simplicity and make things simple. Take a little time out and open your eyes to nature. Children will only open their hearts to nature if they see their parents enjoy and be in awe of her. Collect some bark, some leaves, some feathers, a sprig of wattle. It is amazing what one can find in a lane, in a city park, even in a crack in the wall. Even here nature can be found if one is undistracted and open to seeing”.

Children love to forage and collect. A simple seasonal table can be prepared at home and covered with a few Spring treasures, a budding flower in a small vase, for example. Using beeswax, children can shape a little nest, some tiny eggs and a bird. At night we can light a candle.

Ebba’s words inspire us to weave the Steiner impulse into our family lives wherever we may live. Being undistracted is key. As Ebba reminds us, ” To your great surprise, when you take some time out with your children to find Spring, some paradise in the city, you’ll find your inner world will feel better too. Us adults all have an inner child within us and it is willing to be awakened”.

Ebba has recently authored a book, “Early Childhood Wisdom” which will be featuring on our Facebook shortly.

Image credit, Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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