EC02 2019 Early Childhood Certificate

Enrolments for 2019 now open.

Course Fee: $3500.00


Course Overview

This course is for those who wish to become a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Teacher.

Study of EC02 is only possible with either EC01 completed or EC05 completed or approved study elsewhere.

EC02 runs with a minimum of 10 enrolments every second year. 

Certificate with all requirements satisfactorily completed is 400 hours of study. This Certificate is acknowledged by the international Steiner organisation IASWECE (International Association Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education)

Course Code: EC02
Course Coordinator:
Linda St Clair
Tutors include: Renate Long-Breipohl, Anni Gemell, Catherine Pilko, Ebba Bodame, Lesley Carlton – all leading figures in Australian Steiner Early Childhood education.
Sydney Rudolf Steiner College – 307 Sussex St, Sydney 2000
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School – Castlecrag campus.

Course Timeline & Dates

8 weekends over 1 year.

Term 1

16th–17th February 2019, 16th–17th March, 2019
Saturdays 9.30am–4pm,  Sundays 9.30am–1pm

Term 2

18th–19th May 2019, 15th–16th June, 2019
Saturdays 9.30am–4pm,  Sundays 9.30am–1pm

Term 3

27th–28th July 2019, 24th–25th August 2019
Saturdays 9.30am–4pm,  Sundays 9.30am–1pm

Term 4

26th–27th October 2019, 23rd–24th November, 2019
Saturdays 9.30am–4pm,  Sundays 9.30am–1pm

Course Fees & Payment Options

Compulsory Enrolment Fee
$140 inc GST (non-refundable)

Full Annual Payment
Total Course Fee $3500.00

Term Payments
4 x payments of $875.00 (total $3500.00) at the beginning of each term (1st February, 1st May, 1st July, 1st October)

Consult your tax advisor about tax deductibility.

Additional Requirements

For full Certification as a Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood teacher students need to complete/demonstrate 100 hours of approved Anthroposophical study.

To complete the 100 hours there are various possibilities:

Anthroposophy, Biography or Inner Development, and 2 artistic elements must be studied in total. Assignments need to be completed for Anthroposophy and Biography/Inner Development.

  • Anthroposophical study through the courses EC07.
  • Attend DE02 (Distance) Course Seminar 1 to complete Anthroposophy, and the 2 artistic studies. Biography/Inner Development through short course.
  • Courses, with documentation, studied elsewhere can be submitted for credit and approval.

Course Subjects

The self-development of teacher: both personal and professional. Study of essential texts by Rudolf Steiner.

Morning Circle: how do we create one? Movement, finger games, workshopping and presenting.

The Four Lower Senses and Sense disturbances.

Child Study: Observation of a child in the light of the Anthroposophical spiritual understanding of the human being including aspects of temperament, constitutional type, school readiness and the education of the will. Students will learn how to work with a holistic picture of the individual child.

Archetypes and the meaning of Fairy Tales: painting with a fairy-tale theme.

Festivals: The spiritual picture and working with the rhythm of the year.

Artistic Practice: puppet-making, lyre-playing, eurythmy and sculpture.


A three week practicum is undertaken at a Rudolf Steiner Pre-School or Kindergarten.

Tasks in the practicum include child study, morning circle, music with the children as well as a professional diary.

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